MN-festival 18-20.11.2016

Amazing stuff happened at the Christian music festival we went to!

The main reason for me and my wife to go to the finnish youth festival Maata Näkyvissä was to pray for people, especially youngsters. I wanted to practise to pray for sick people, so we thought that a Christian youth festival would be a great place to start!

We arrived on Friday evening and decided to start praying on Saturday. It was an amazing day! Our game plan was mostly, that my wife first talked to a group of youngsters in Finnish and asked “Excuse me, can we bother you with three questions?”. We asked them 1) Which city are you from/ How long did it take to drive here, 2) If you slept at school accommodation (sleeping at the floor), how did you sleep?, 3) Do you have any pain in your body, like neckpain, backpain, kneepain, etc.? Some groups answered that they don’t have any pain, so we told our reason to ask (if they would’ve had pain, we would’ve prayed for the pain to go) and wished them a good time at the festival. Sometimes there was one person in the group, who had pain, but after the first got healed, the others suddenly had pain too ;D

When I prayed, I kept my eyes open and said one or two sentences for the pain to go in Jesus name. We also asked before or after the prayer, how much they can feel pain from 0 to 10. That way we could know, if there was a change and also the friends could hear it, when the number would change smaller. Sometimes all the pain didn’t go with the first prayer, so I prayed again once or twice more and asked feedback to know if all the pain was gone. Some of the reactions of surprise were priceless to see 😀 Even if people were polite, it was sometimes discouraging for my wife, when people said that they didn’t have pain, didn’t want to be prayed for or those 3 times, when level of pain didn’t change or the healing wasn’t clear. Still, we continued and after few no-pain-gangs we found a group that was open and where the healing was clear and the youngsters visibly touched.

Here are pictures of most of the people that got healed by prayer in Jesus name. Altogether 16 people were healed on Saturday  and one on Sunday: Halleluja! Saturday was our main day of prayer. On Sunday my wife was listening to a concert of a band HB, so I decided to sneak out and search for the “next victim” 😀 … and after some asking around I found a guy I could pray for and he got healed!

One great highlight of the people that were healed was a girl with knee problems (the girl in the pictures in the middle with a striped shirt). She just told that the knee is sometimes with more, sometimes less hurting and I prayed for her. After the first prayer she was trying to bend it and was positively surprised that she felt a change for better! After the second prayer she was almost shocked and told her friends in finnish that she had had problems with her kneecap since her birth. She tried to jump and go down and the pain was simply gone 😀 We had a great conversation with all the 5 girls and shared testimonies and links.

I was very excited that people were getting healed when I prayed for them, since this is what I wanted to do. Yeeees! Still, even better and more important then the healings was, that we could share testimonies with them and encourage them in their faith! We also showed them The Last Reformation -YouTube channel, that they could see more testimonies of God’s power on their own and  look to the Pioneer School-teachings. This time we didn’t share any contact information of us with them, but we pray that God will continue with them to lead them forward and to show his power!


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