Monday 21.11.2016 at Prisma with Mervi

Ok, for today there’s not much to say, or maybe there is, but that would probably be the “hard lesson” i still needed to  learn.

On Monday I went to Prisma with Mervi, a lady from the Pentecostal church of Forssa, where I attend. She asked me already a week ago if she could join me when I would go to Prisma to pray for people. I had told her “Of course you can join me, because then people would see that it’s NOT ME who does the miracle, but God who uses my simple faith to heal. It’s something every believer can do.”

Mervi and I went to Prisma to pray for people around 12 o’clock. I was thinking: “now people HAVE to be healed because that woman from church is with me and she definitely has to see that God is the same yesterday, today and forever”. We stopped many people in Prisma to ask them if they had any pain, but nobody had (or at least they didn’t admit it). Then decided to ask people who were sitting on their own at Pizzabuffet in Prisma. One woman told she had some pain, so I could pray for her. I prayed a short prayer: “In Jesus name I command the sickness to leave!”. To say the prayer out loud was not such a problem, the problem was in me. I was thinking and asking God in my thoughts “please God, heal this person, please, please!”… but nothing happened. I suggested to pray a second time, and a third time but nothing happened. The more I prayed the more desperate I spoke to God in my mind: “GOD PLEASE HEAL HER! GOD, GOD!” … but nothing happened.

We had a nice conversation with the woman and I said to her that we believe that God would heal but that it would come at a later time. The woman was very happy that we had spoken with her and that we prayed for her and said goodbye on a very thankful tone. I was very glad that the woman was so happy that we came to her, eventhough she didn’t get healed. She almost started to shed a tear because she saw the love we had for her. It was definitely a good experience, but I was still  wondering “why wasn’t she healed, why? Lord I believe that you want to heal, but why didn’t she get healed?”.

After praying for another woman without a result we decided to go and sit down ourselves to drink a coffee and discuss a bit about our experience. While going to get some coffee, Mervi  saw someone she knew and they invited us to join their table. We told them about what we were doing and they were happy to hear it and told about there missiontrips. It ended up being a funny and very warm conversation. Halleluja!

After that it was already 13.00 so we decided to go home. I had a lot to think about anyway!

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