Tuesday 22.11.2016, Breakthrough!

Ok, Tuesday I decided to go again to Prisma to pray for those who are sick and want prayer. I know it can sound a bit odd that I went again to pray, especially after my “fail” yesterday. Still, I was more concerned about obeing God (who asks all his disciples to go out and do the same thing as He did) than i was concerned about my fear that no one would be healed.

So, I went bravely to Prisma but when I entered Prisma fear came over me and I didn’t dear to ask people if they wanted prayer. Anyway, it is very hard to find someone who dares to admit that he or she has some pain or sickness, especially Finnish people. Foreigners often tell openly, if they have any pain, but almost no Finnish people say that.

Since I was a bit discouraged to ask people, I bought some things from the shop and went out. When I was going out I saw a foreigner (36 years) and I thought “well I haven’t prayed for anybody yet so maybe I’ll ask him, because he’ll probably speak some English, which would make it a lot easier”. I first asked him if he had some time and he answered “yes” with a smile. So I started by asking, if he could understand and speak English. He said: “yeah a little”, so I continued in English. In the end he didn’t understand me well enough, so he quickly asked a young Finnish guy (21 years), who was passing-by, if he could interpret what I was saying. The young man interpreted everything, and after some explanation I asked the foreigner if he had some pain or sickness. He said “no”, so I asked the Finnish interpreter. He also said “no”, so I said I was happy for their great health and wished them a good day.

I walked out from Prisma and was thinking that it was a pity that no one had any pain. I was thinking, “tss, people here are just the same as in Belgium. Such a pity. Jesus has told that the harvestfield is big and plenty of crops that have to be harvested, but where are those people… and when people have some pain and I pray, I’m not knowing myself if they will be heald. Oooh, this is sad.”

I was 300 meter out of the shop when suddenly a car stopped next to me and the young interpreter came out to meet me. He came immediately to me saying: “WAAAW! I really appreciate what you are doing, so crazy! Me myself I’m an atheist but I know there must be something between heaven and earth. And by the way, I do have some pain in my back/ribs”. Immediately God filled me with BIG FAITH that this guy surely would be healed if I would pray for him. I asked if I can pray and he said “Yeah; sure, but I’m an atheist. I don’t believe” I told him that it’s not a problem, because it’s enough that I have faith for the healing! 😀  So I laid my hand on his back/ribs and prayed shortly: “In Jesus name, I command all pain to go right now”. I asked how did he feel now. He looked at me a bit strangely and said with a bit of a confused voice, that there is some difference. So I asked him again, if all the pain was gone. He answered that he felt warmth but he still had a bit pain, but surely much less. “Ok”, I replied: “then I’ll pray again”.  After the second short prayer I asked him “and now the pain is gone, isn’t it?” He was smiling a lot and said: “… euh, euh… crazy! Yes, it is gone”.

That atheist guy who didn’t believe in God wanted to hear more about what just happened so I told him about some things that I’ve learned from Torben and The Last Reformation-movement.  It was a wonderful experience, because now I knew why some people hadn’t gotten healed. It surely had to do with FAITH and trust and it wasn’t going to work by ,e trying to push faith from myself! When I prayed for that young guy I was SO SURE that that he would be healed. You could say that I had or received FAITH from God that the atheist guy would be healed.

I will continue my blog with some story’s and pictures about what God is doing, because I really want to encourage every believer. If I can do it, everyone can do it!!!! It’s truly the “simple faith” which Jesus was telling about in the Bible. JUST BELIEVE EVERY WORD FROM IT!  And it will revolutionize your world.

PS. ( Sat 26.11.16) Since then everyday I have gone to Prisma and some other shops to ask people (mostly foreigners) if they have some pain/sickness and everybody I prayed for have gotten healed. PRAISE GOD!

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