Wednesday 23.11.2013, I found one person

I was so thrilled by the revelation I received from the Holy Spirit yesterday that I couldn’t sleep at all! The whole night long I was thinking or dreaming about what could happen in the future for example when I would visit Belgium in December.

Some of my Belgian friends, who have heard about these stories, told me already that they want me to kickstart them. I’m so happy about that, because I already wanted to tell about these things to another Belgian friend, so that I could ask him to join me to go out. But Holy Spirit was quicker than me because this other friend from Ghent wrote to me to ask, if I wanted to kickstart her and that certain friend I wanted to write to! Waaaw!! It is AMAZING!!! Holy Spirit, I love this life!!! I’ll be never the same again!!! Nothing is as exciting as this life! Hallelujaa 😀 😀

When I started my day, I decided to go to Prisma a bit later. Once in Prisma I asked all kind of people if they had any pain or sickness, because I just knew they would be healed. But no one had pain. Really no-one. It is for me still very hard to talk and understand the Finnish language so I mostly try to speak to some younger or middle aged people who can speak a bit of English. Today was a “bad” day it seemed, because no one was sick 😉 … hahaha, this is actually the world upside-down!! Praying for healing is the only way I can show those who don’t believe that God is REAL and He wants to have a personal connection with them. People always say: “If God is real, then He has to show himself to me”. Well, I can introduce my heavenly Father to them and what He wants to do for them if they just have any kind of sickness or pain.
After walking around and approaching people for 30 minutes I decided to walk through the entire shop for the last time looking for a refugee or at least someone from another country. At the time I was giving up and was walking to the cash deck I saw a muslim looking woman. I went to her and started talking in English, but she couldn’t understand. So I tried my best Finnish and said: “mina puhun vahaan suomea, mutta onks sinulla kipuja?” (I speak just a little Finnish, but do you have pain?). She said something in an unknown language so I tried to ask the same question in my best “sign language” ;D I think she understood my question cause she pointed to her back. I prayed two times and everything was gone. “Yes, this is Jesus for you”, I said and I pointed to the sky, “Jesus! Jesus!”


When I was home I was so glad because I really felt that since yesterday God had given me really big FAITH and now I just knew that God would just give anything I ask for!!!

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