Thursday 24.11.2016, I got confirmation

Today I went with a lot of joy to Prisma; exciting what was going to happen today 😀 I went into the small shopping centre and saw two foreigners sitting at the Pizzabuffet. I walked to them and asked them if they had any pain. One of them said: yes my leg hurts. I asked him if I could pray for him and he said yes. I prayed one time and it was completely healed. I was filled with Holy Sprit joy  ! ! It really was bubbling from deep inside of mee 😀

His friend who was first not so interested in my appearance at the table when I was stalking to his friend; suddenly said; yes, can you pray for me too? His knie was hurting. “Sure”. So I prayed for his knee; and after two SHORT prayers, (“I command all pain in the knee to go right now, in Jesus name”!!) all pain left him. He was totally shocked!! And was staring at his knee; I told him that he could check it out; by jumping on it; running with it and doing other kind of weird stuff 😉 And yes, he did. He stood up from table and went a bit away from us and started to jump and run around. After few minutes he came back and was talking in his motherlanguage to his friend and pointing to his knee!
I asked him, and is it gone? He said; yes totally gone! Hallelujaah! 😀

When I walked back to my house I met another refugee who told me that I could pray for his back because it hurted (I had asked him if he had some kind of pain).
After three times pain was totally gone; hallelujaaah; God is good! 😀


After a couple course were we go on thursdays together with my wife we decided to go to Prisma. While my wife was buying some bread I went to a group of youngsters. One Finnish guy with his girlfriend and one Canadien.

I asked the same as always and the guy said yes, I have some pain in my shoulder. I asked him if I could pray and he agreed. After I had prayed the first time he didn’t felt really a difference, so I prayed again. And how is it now I asked. The guy said; yeah there is some difference. So Not everything was gone and I prayed a last time and asked him again (the pain is gone now hé?! The pain is gone isn’t it? … The guy was “helplessly searching if he could find his pain, but said after a long pause … Euh, Yeees. I think so, the pain is gone.

Hallellujaaa. God is alive! 😀

It was very nice again but I will change my agressive style; it’s just because I’m so happy when they finally see and feel the God they always denied. That’s so Wonderfull! But being married with a very gentle and sweet wife makes you change your style of speaking; at least when she heard me telling about it 😀




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