Friday 25.11.2016, search for that one person

This morning I started my “Kingdom-trip” by walking to Citymarket. You might ask, “? Why not Prisma like always?” Good question! Well; it was my wife who gave me that idea. As I know, my wife has always GREAT ideas. So, I started to walk to Citymarket.

Once I was there and asked different people if they had pain, … no one seemed to have pain (again). … So I started looking for refugees, but no refugees in Citymarket at this time 😦  I was thinking, ok then; I’ll go to Prisma… like always. … this time my wife was wrong as it seemed…. but then I felt the holy spirit saying to me! No, search for that one person”… … euh, … … really? Is that you Holy Spirit? … … Anyway, I decided to start looking and go on asking.

After I think five minutes I saw an 48y. woman. I decided to walk to her and ask her my typical questions. To say it in short:
I asked her if she had pain, she looked with a strange face at me; and I explained her that I was a Christian who wanted to be obedient. She said she was also a Christian and had worked in the church but had just heard that they had refused to gave her the job ; or didn’t want her anymore, I don’t remember anymore; but she had no job cause of her sickness. I asked what she had. And she told me that she had for already 7 years problems in her back (I think her back wasn’t straight). I asked her If I could pray for her but she said that she was also a christian and had prayed already so many times for her back. But she was touched by “the holy Spirits Love” and said; ok!

So I started praying. I prayed three times, but after the second time she said: yeah; I have this for already 7-years; but I said; no problem; some pains just leave after some prayers so I continued. And just after the third prayer she felt really relieved and you could see that she had difficulties with holding her tears.

We had a very good and long conversation and when we left we were both very happy!

I went home; but when passing Prisma I couldn’t do differently that going through it and looking if there were more people were I could pray for (In bible we can read that Jesus said few times: Go out HEAL the sick, etc… He was really serious about this… and I’m so happy that I came across this “last reformation movie, -lessons, -YouTube channel;  cause that has really changed my life! Thank you Holy Spirit; you have rescued my soul!!!!

But going through Prisma I asked around but found no one. I went home. So, in the end my wife was right after all 😉


In the evening I and my wife had made an appointment to go together with Jarno (the youth leader of the Pentecostal church where we go to in Forssa) to some shops and pray for the sick. So together we went to Prisma and I started to approach people. Many said they didn’t had pain, but in the end we had good encounters with one woman en two families.

First I spoke to a father who had pain in his back. I prayed and after one prayer it was gone. The father wanted me to pray also for his children; so I did. Very nice this is! 😀

The second really good encounter was with a Woman from the Phillipines who had some pain; I prayed for it and after 1 time it was totally gone! Hallallujaah; I explained her some gospel but soon I introduced my wife and they connected very well. They exchanged adressed etc…  We invited her very soon for thee or coffee,  but she couldn’t come (yet). O Jesus  help Lord to show her Christ.

As last I spoke with  a man who was there with his family. The man had pain in his back and thanked me that I wanted to pray for him. After three prayers all pain was gone! Hallalujaaah! 😀
The guy invited me for a coffee at a coffeeshop in Prisma; I thanked him but told him that this time I would pay cause he has a family and stuff. The sad thing was, that they already closed, so no coffee 😦

They could’nt gave us anymore coffee; but we sat down together at the tables and were talking a lot about church etc. The man and his wife came from Romania and were also Christian. They asked where we went to chuch and said they would maybe come tomorrow on Sunday too. I said that “we” were church and that he didn’t had to do to much of a exhaustion to come to the church, but he was welkom 😀













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