Saturday 26.11.2016, Grocery shopping with my wife

We went out this evening at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It was a bit rainy but we decided to go to some shops (K-market, Lidl, Citymarket and Prisma) and see if there were some people that I could pray for. The trip took all together two hours or so. During that we met 2 people who had pain and were healed in Jesus name, but we also asked more than 10 people, who said they don’t have pain.

After walking through the corridor of K-market and doing some grocery shopping in Lidl,  we went to Citymarket. Inside the building my wife recognized  an immigrant man, which I had approached once before, with another immigrant. I approached them alone and asked, if they had any pain. The other guy, that I hadn’t yet met, had pain, so I asked him if I could pray for him. He answered with a big smile, just like most foreigners, “OF COURSE YOU CAN PRAY!”(O, thank you God for those foreigners!). After the second prayer he felt better, but I wanted ALL pain to leave, so I prayed few more prayers. After the fifth prayer ALL pain was gone: Glory to God! I told that Jesus the son of God had healed them. They said “thank you, thank you”, and I left them because I felt that they were not yet ready to take in more.

I went into the shop with my wife and asked 2 different Finnish men if they had some pain but they didn’t. The third person I asked (a foreign looking man, with his family), had pain in his back and was very very happy that I wanted to pray for him. He was also a Christian and believed in Jesus. After one prayer the pain was gone, but to be sure I prayed one more time. He was from Romania and asked if I wanted to pray for his children too and I gladly did (: After that he asked if we had time to sit down for a coffee. That was nice! Of course we had time!! We had a nice chat and gave him my email and a link to the YouTube channel of The last reformation. He also said very nicely, that he can see God and love in our eyes! What a nice thing to hear! 😀

On our way back home we walked through Prisma where I approached some people, but they said they didn’t have any pain. So we started to walk home. On the way we still saw two more foreigners and I shook their hand and asked them the same question. They were happy and chatty but didn’t want prayer.

So as a summary of our grocery shopping, we saw two people being healed by God and we also had a really nice encounter with that Christian man and his family. It’s really starting to feel normal to have this as a lifestyle: to pray for sick and talk about God. We still have lot to learn and lot to experience, but it’s a good start! I never knew this could be so easy and simple and normal! 😀









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