Sunday 27.11.2016, A humbling experience!

Today at church I felt that my faith has become stronger and I wanted to pray for a woman, who is walking permanently with a crutch.

When the preaching  started I began to pray in tongues to build up my faith, and I did it for a long time. I felt in my spirit, that God wants to heal her. When the service finally ended I walked to her, but I could feel that fear was coming over me a bit. My wife followed me to interpret. I explained to her that I wanted to pray for her If she would let me. I told her, that I really believe that Jesus is the same yesterday and today and that Jesus wants her to get healed. Somebody close by told, that the right side of her body is paralyzed, because of a stroke (or some other brain damage). I asked if she believes that “by Jesus’ stipes we are healed”. She couldn’t talk very well, because of the stroke, but she understood and was nodding and saying “yes”.  I prayed for her and encourage her to try to get up from sitting. It seemed, that it was hard to her, so I prayed again, but there was no difference. She got up with help of others and I still prayed for her when she started to limp with the crutch towards the door to put on her jacket with others help etc.


At that moment my faith wasn’t as strong as it was when I had entered the church. I had felt that Holy Spirit encouraged me to pray for her and still there was no change.

We had asked some of our refugee friends (5) to come for tea to us after the service, so we walked home with them. When everybody had sat down comfortably in our living room I  asked them if some of them had any pain,or was a bit sick. One of them said that his stomach hurted a bit. I asked how much does it hurt on a scale from 1 to 10 and he said it was 2. “Jesus carried all the pain on the cross, so in Jesus name all pain has to leave”, I commanded. After the fourth short prayer there was indeed NO pain at all anymore. Halleluja! In a split of a second I was thinking, “what if it doesn’t go away?, but I immediately stopped thinking of that and God was faithful and all pain was gone. We only need a faith small as a mustardseed.

While having some cardamom tea, I told them a bit more about healings and showed them few video’s from The Last Reformation’s youtube-channel (Kingdom of God in Turkey and Miracles in New York). I also told, that I’m going every day to Prisma to pray and they can join me to see it themselves if they want. One of them was eager to come and we decided that he will join me on tuesday. Four of them were refugees, who are coming to church every sunday and one was a roommate, who has come few times. After some teatime they had to go for lunch and we would see them again in some hours in Ystävän kammari at 17 (a social gathering for foreigners in Forssa that is held every Sunday).

After lunch I told my wife, that I really wanted to go to Prisma to pray for some people with health problems. I needed to see them healed so that my faith would get some new fuel: my faith was quite harmed after the experience at the service with the woman who didn’t get healed.

I think healing a persons in Jesus name is quite like driving a car. When you have an accident you should immediately go back behind your steering wheel and drive your car. Otherwise you will be afraid to drive your car again. That’s why I decided to go back to Prisma, or to some other place where I could find people with pain.

When I entered the shop and saw two Finnish young men (21y). I went to them and asked them if they had pain, but they  both said: “no no” (I thought: “oh, pity!”). But then one of them added with a grin: “Yeah! I have a hang-over” if that also would answer my question. I answered that Jesus can heal that too and asked if I can pray for it to go away. The guy looked a bit puzzeld but said: “Haha, yes if you want”. I prayed and after three prayers all pain was gone! “Amazing, isn’t it?”, I asked him. “Euhhm, yes quite amazing”, he said. I was looking at his friend, but he had left already a time ago when had I startedto pray. We spoke a little bit about Jesus. He thanked Jesus but I saw that it was more than enough new information for that boy, so I said goodbye.

I walked quite a long time in Prisma searching for people who had any kind of pain.It is quite amazing how many people are “painfree” these days.. Or shouldn’t I trust them?
I was sighing: “Aaah, most Fins are just like a lot of Belgians. They say “no” even if they are dying from pain. Very sad” 😦  I kept on asking people if they had any pain. After three minutes I found a muslim who said that his stomack was just operated and that it was bleeding from inside, but he took pills for it. I asked him if he had pain now, which he confirmed. I asked if I could pray for him so that all pain would leave. He started to smile and said: “yes off course!” (Ooh, thank you God for all the refugees! We don’t have to go to them any more, they just come to us, halleluja! :D). I prayed for him four times: after the first time it was a little bit better, after the second again a bit better, but after the third time he started smiling a lot and said that it was almost all gone. So I just prayed a last time and all the pain was gone! 😀 Halleluja! I walked another 15 minutes in Prisma buf didn’t find anybody with pain and it was also the time to go home to make myself ready to go to Ystävän kammari with my wife at 17:00.

We had fun at the multicultural gathering at Ystävän kammari, as we always have. We’ve got a lot of great friends from there which we are very thankful of! I also told two good friends from Iraq about the healings that had happened. A great encouragement happened just before leaving the place. A young refugee man came to talk to us and told that he had seen me praying for his older friend some days ago. The middle-aged friend also joined the conversation and was very thankful that his back was still good! He was sharing that he had been sleeping well since then, because his back wasn’t keeping him awake any more. “Thank you Jesus”, I said happily and he replied the same. How great it is to get feed back that God is truly faithful!
















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