Monday 28.11.2016, Just one

It is amazing how quickly your spirit adapts to everything you’re going through. Last month I would have been super happy if I had known that I could pray for a non-believer and he/she would get healed. On contrary, now I’m so used to it, that if I get to pray only for one who is healed I feel that it’s a pity. So in that sense, today was a less uplifting day because eventhough I went out to pray for sick or hurting people in shops ( 1 hour together with a sister in faith + 0.5  hours on my own), I didn’t feel a victory because “just one” teenager got totally healed from a headache. But every and each encounter is important!

So, at noon Mervi and I went to PRISMA just like last week. We asked around, if anybody has any pain or sickness, but it was very hard! No one wanted prayer and one old lady with reuma whose hand were already a bit deformed said we could pray but that it was also bit of her age. We prayed but nothing happened. I thought, this is an old lady who doesn’t want to loose too much time so after some prayers we stopped. I knew that if it was a younger guy I would have continued to pray in faith, but now I thought that it was wiser just to let her go; so we did. We continued to ask people for 45 minutes, but no-one had any pain (or didn’t want to admit it). PITY!!!

Mervi left, and I decided to still stay a bit longer to find at least one person. After thirty minutes of “unfruitful” trying I was planning to go home, but when I went out of the shop, there was a bunch of young people smoking a cigarette. I asked them if they had any pain. One guy said: “yes, that girl has a headache”. The girl confirmed, so I asked how much on a scale from 1-10. She said 5! I asked if I could pray which she confirmed. After the first prayer I asked her how it was now. She looked a bit down and put one finger up. I was happy and said:”so now 1?!” 😀 She didn’t say anything. I said that all pain has to leave so I prayed again and asked her how much pain she still feels. Again she had no facial expression, but she just showed 0 with her fingers. “Zero”, I said: “So no pain!”. I told the guys a bit about The Last Reformation and told them that I would come to that shop often around the same time. If they would have some pain they could come here and maybe we could meet so that I could pray for them and Jesus would make them painfree. Hallelujaaah!

At 17h I went again on my own to Prisma; When I was there I saw two friends of mine and we had a nice conversation. One girl who attends the same Finnish course as me, and one African guy who goes to the same church as me. Woehoew, we’re getting to know Forssa-people, and they’re getting to know us! 😀 Hallelujah.

After walking around for 45 minutes and asking people I decided to go home. On one side we can be VERY happy that such a shop, Prisma, is closeby. On the other hand it’s a pity that it’s not a shopping mall with more people.

But anyway, it’s God who gives the fruit so we shouldn’t be feeling sad or something like that, because He knows our hearts and will work with that! Hallelujaah! “O God, give us the harvest! Let us grow and let us learn a lot. Make us bold, and strong diciples of you, Jesus!”






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