Tuesday 29.11.2016, It’s starting to be normal :D

Today I went out with one refugee-friend to see Holy Spririt healing the sick. At 12:50 he arrived at my door and we left to Prisma to see if the students were there, like they said yesterday, but we could see none. Pity!

We walked into the shop looking for someone with pain, but we had no success. Even if people didn’t have pain, I always had a chance to talk a bit with them when they said “no”. I told them that I’m not some kind of a freak (next time I could tell them that maybe I am a freak, I am a “JESUSFREAK!”) but that I am just a simple Christian who takes the Bible seriously and acts upon it: I want to be an obedient disciple. Still, even if I was giving a small explanation to people, I didn’t have any longer conversations today. My refugee friend was always observing me from a little distance. He believes but still has to see “the Power of the Cross”.

After 30 minutes of not much happening, we decided to go to Citymarket (another shop) just 10 minutes away from Prisma. We walked around and found no one with pain, but I did have few good and one very good conversation. One lady said that she actually has some pain in her back every morning, and she let me pray for her. We decided to exchange our contactinformation so that she could tell me how she had slept and if the pain was gone. I should text her tomorrow to ask if the pain was gone.

We walked back to Prisma, as this is on my way to home from Citymarket. We walked through the store and found one Muslim man who had some pain. I prayed for him and he got better. But when he heard that it was in the name of Jesus, he just said “vähän” (a little) each time I asked if the pain was gone. Was it because of the name of Jesus or was it real? After praying somehow almost nine times he surprisingly said: “Yes, now it’s totally gone”. Praise God! Did he say that the pain was gone because the praying took some time or was he really healed? We don’t know for sure (as he didn’t speak so much English, neither Finnish). But the thing I know is, that I believe he was truly healed.

We were passing a restaurant called Pizza buffet, when I saw an American-looking black girl. I asked her if she had some time and asked her “the question”. She said she had and told me that her ankle hurted quite a lot actually (pain level 7/10). I asked if I can pray for her and she was ok with it. I prayed and after the first or maybe the second time she felt a change, but that was not what I wanted! So I prayed again and after the third time the ankle was totally released from all pain. She checked it by walking around but confessed that it was gone!!! Praise God 😀

We were almost out of Prisma when there still came a young lady (21y) on our path. Young people can mostly speak good english, so that makes me very glad already.  She had no pain, but she was just like the girl in Citymarket. She was just like a sponch: absorbing every word!

When we finnished our converstation Nema and I left back to my home. While crossing a  road my refugee-friend said hello to a friend of his. I asked my friend that we should ask him to if he had pain, but he answered “No, he is a muslim!”. I told him that it’s no problem: God wants to heal him if he has pain. So we both went to “Mohammed”. I introduced myself shortly and then I asked if he had some pain which he answered positively. He had pain in his back and he was ok with me praying for him. I prayed for him, like four times and all pain left him. The good thing was that N speaks the same language as he does and N could see that he really was healed! The guy (Mohammed) said that he also believed in Jesus, and pointed to the Lutheran church. The only problem was that Mohammed and I couldn’t really speak a lot with each others, as I don’t understand Farsi and he doesn’t understand Dutch.

But it was a happy day already, (3 people get healed) and I had a lot of new contacts. Great!!! 😀

The strange thing is that with some people pain goes immediately and with others it takes longer before they’re healed. When it takes a long time, for example 9 times, take a little break (and think about all of God promises) and go back praying! Pain has to leave! Although I can understand you if you say “ok. let’s pray another time again.  My faith still has to grow a bit.”. When I pray for my wife, mostly nothing really happens. I don’t know why, but it keeps me still very humble.

Tonight I felt that I should go to Pentecostal church for an evening of  Word and Prayer. I hoped that I can see the lady I prayed for on Sunday who didn’t get healed and tell her that it is totally my mistake not hers that she wasn’t healed (from being paralized from her right side).

When I entered the church I took place, somewhere close to the middle. When I saw the lady with the crutch who is half paralized, I became very moved and planned to go to her as soon as the service would end. But then when they started praying I already went behind her and started praying for her silently in my mind. The tears were rolling down as I asked the Lord why the woman was not immediately healed on Sunday. I had lot of questions but I know God has all the answers. I also know that my faith was not as bold and sure as when I pray for people in Prisma (Then I just know that they gonna heal!).

So I prayed for the woman and after the service I spoke to her some words of comfort and trust. I said to her that I wanted her to walk again without the crutch, since I believe in a mighty God. I even would fast for a long time!! I want to see Christains beeing healed so that our faith can grow, so that more and more people would start to pray for others -christains, people on the street, nonbelieving friend and family- with boldness and faith and God would answer!













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