Thursday 01.12.2016, Some pain

Today was a day that I didn’t go to Prisma at noon time, since I felt some pain in my hip which made it difficult to walk.

After our relationship course in the evening my wife and I decided to go to Prisma to buy some small things. I wanted to walk arpund and talk to some people, but my leg hurted even more than in the morning. I asked some people, but then I thought it’s maybe better not to try too hard with the hurting hip.

I hope it goes away after I have slept. Otherwise I ask “the last reformation” crew to pray for it after one week, when we go for a kickstart happening to Riga. But lets see… I think its because of the metal bar that’s still inside of my leg because of the accident I had at 06.11.2000 (two months coma). If it still hurts after one week, I’ll let them pray for me, cause God is able to remove it! Halleluja!

Why don’t I pray it “away” myself? I did pray for the pain go away, and so did my wife, but it didn’t happen. I guess I don’t have enough faith for that: also the prayers for my wife don’t seem to have much succes 😦 My faith muscle still needs a lot of practise!



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