Wednesday 30.11.2016, Hallelujah, the cards arrived :D


Hey friends, I received 500 TheLastReformation -Business cards today! I love it!!!

I went 2 times to Prisma today, but I didn’t find people with pain. This is normally very discouraging for me because then they can’t see (feel) that God is really alive and wants them to know Him! But from now, if I have a good conversation with them, I can give them a card and can refer to the website that’s on the card and tell something about it, so that they can see it theirselves. Holy Spirit can do his work and they can be touched! 😀

At noon I went alone to Prisma. Even if I didn’t find people with pain, I had Wonderful encounters! I gave around 20 cards away to the people I had great conversations with. For example, I had a nice encounter with a young tall black American looking lady . She looked so similar to the young tall black American lady I prayed for yesterday, who had pain in her leg and got healed. So I asked her how she was doing, if the pain was still gone. But she said I must have confused her with someone else. “Aaah, sorry. Then I have a strange question for you; do you have some pain?”, I continued. She said that she doesn’t have pain, but one of her sport team members has. She was from an American team who came to Finland to play basketball. We exchanged our Facebook adresses and I told her that if that team member with pain would want it, I would happily pray for her so they could see God working.

Later at home I was thinking, what if the girl I had prayed for some days before was that team member she was referring to. What if that teammember didn’t tell her companion about the healing that happened yesterday? So I wrote her a message and asked  if she knew how it was with her teammember who had pain. … now I’m still waiting for her answer and curious about what Holy Spirit will do 😀

When I came home I told my wife (who’s at home writing her thesis during the  dy timw) about what happened. She prays for me before I go to Prisma and it’s nice to go through afterwards all that has happened.

In the evening we went again to Prisma for some grochery shopping and I went around searching for people. I talked with some and had good conversations. The nice thing was, that when we were going out of the shop we saw a women happily waving to us: she was one of those that I had spoken with and given a card! It’s really nice that also my wife could see that there is people who really take the things I’m telling them with joy and don’t just think I’m some kind of a freak! O so nice to see! 😀 God is on the move and is gonna do great things!

I’m Living the miraculous Life, you can have it too 😀








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