2-4.12.2016, “Christmas” weekend and problems with my leg

Thursday night I couldn’t get sleep because of a lot of pain in my hip. I was thinking, pfff, here we go. Just like Torben said that he experiences a lot of “resistance/problems” just before he goes to a kickstart, I’m now experiencing the same. Not nice.

On friday morning I felt that I would gladly just jump straight to next friday when we would go to Riga for a kickstart seminar. I truly believe that God will touch my hip when people will pray for it and I will be pain free in my leg for the rest of my life.

From friday evening till sunday we were at my wife’s parents place in Hämeenlinna. We had a nice time with the family and  watched many “The Last Reformation”-clips about street healing to build up our faith!

Actually I had been looking forward to go to pray for people in a big shopping center in Hämeenlinna, but due to the problems with my hip and knee I had to stay home: I have been walking with crutches since friday. Since this was our last visit to Hämeenlinna before Christmas, we have to do it next year. First we can pray for people in Riga and then in Belgium! 😀

On Sunday afternoon I experienced more and more pain in my right hip & knee. It went so bad that we decided to go to the emergency. We had to wait two hours all together: first to see a doctor and then to wait for an x-ray to be taken and to hear what the doctor thought about the pictures. She couldn’t see a reason for the pain in the hip and the metal in my leg was on its right place. She perscribed painkillers and let us go. At least we got to know, that it shouldn’t be anything serious.

While we were waiting for my sister-in-law to come to get us, we talked with a couple from Afghanistan with their 4 year old girl. My wife talked with them mainly in finnish and later I asked them if I could pray for the kid. The girl had had problems for two years with her nose bleeding blood for hours at time. I prayed, but there was no way to “check” if it worked of course. Still, it was nice meeting them.

It was really encouraging to see that there were so many people who were praying for me when I got into the hospital. My wife had quickly wrote a message to TLR-group on fb to ask for prayer and also my family in Belgium and Pentecostal church in Hattula were praying (they were having a sermon at the time I went to hospital). We felt that this might very likely be an attack of Satan. Happily, my leg was already much bearable when we were waiting at the Hospital, thanks to God!

This was our “Christmas-weekend” with my (new) family in Finland: it was the last weekend that we saw them before going to Belgium. We had Christmas food, went to a christmas consert and spent time together. It was a new adventure since I have never gone to hospital on “Christmas”.


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