Mon-Wed 5.- 7.12.2016, Staying in Hämeenlinna

My plans changed because of the pain on my hip. Sunday evening the pain level  was around 9/10, so I couldn’t go to Forssa alone, while my wife had to visit her University in Turku. Instead I stayed at my wife’s parents’ to rest. Happily the pain got a lot less Mon-Wed, more like 1/10. Many people prayed for me during these days and I’m so thankful for that.

On monday my wife sent me a teaching which she had got from a person from TLR. That person had seen from facebook, that I was hurting a lot and our own prayer didn’t work and he thought that this teaching could encourage me.

The teaching is called: Becoming Love, part 1Especially the last third of the teaching spoke to my situation. The speaker told that even if he had prayed for a lot of people in his life who had got healed, his own mother died from a disease. For some reason his prayers couldn’t save his mother. Still his mothers death didn’t stop him from continueing to pray for others. He also didn’t try to make a theology out of it (why his mother wasn’t healed) but explained that we should continue following Jesus’ example even if we don’t have all the answers. He told also that later, after his mother’s death, he had healed a person who had the same disease as his mother had had. What I respect about him is that he didn’t start to blame God because his mother wasn’t healed but continued to do what God hd called him to. That’s strong!

In the end of the preaching he also did something that I’m not so used to see. He asked all the people who were sick to put their hands up and the people who were nearby to go to pray for them. He didn’t pray for anybody himself. After few minutes he asked those who were fully healed to come to share testimonies about what God had done. He also made clear, that you should be totally teuyhful, no exagerations. If healing was partial, people around pray would again. Many people shared wonderful testimonies. It was great to see that he wasn’t another “big healer”, but someone who wanted to activate others to do the same he did. This is what I love also about the last reformation: learning by doing and teaching the next person to do the same.

An amazing teaching, if you have time you must see it! Tomorrow my wife and I will go to Riga (Latvia) to a Kickstart event by The Last Reformation. We’re both looking forward to it and are expecting great things to happen!

Adios amigos! On Monday we’ll write about our experiences!! 😀






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