Weekend 8-12.12.2016, Kickstart seminar in Riga

Thursday was our travelling day to Riga: bus, walking, boat, walking, bus, taxi. On the way to Riga we asked several people if they had pain and if we could pray but no one wanted any prayer. It’s a pity, since we wanted to get into the “kickstart”-mode.

On friday I kickstarted 4 people who had never been praying for sick people on the street. It was my first time kickstarting anybody and my goal was that all four of them would see that they can heal people in Jesus name. We asked a lot of people and almost everybody answered that they don’t have any pain. Still by the end of the day my goal was fulfilled! Altogether 7 people were healed and everybody got to pray at least for one person!


On Saterday we had teaching about sharing the gospel and baptism. After lunch I went out with a Russian guy, who had asked me to kickstart him. First I showed him how to do it by finding a person who wanted prayer and comanding the pain to leave in Jesus name (he was healed). Then we asked  around a lot but found almost nobody that we could pray for. It was harder than on friday, but we still found 2 more people with pain. My russian friend prayed for one older lady, whose back pain got totally healed. Then we found a lady who was working in a shop: she didn’t want prayer, but pointed to her collegue who needed prayer. My russian friend prayed for the lady and after four prayers the pain went down from 4 to 2 (I prayed the last prayer but afterwards I was thinking that I should have let only him pray because it is not about the person and we all have the same spirit).

We asked from many more people but no one wanted prayer. At least we gave some people a card with a link to The Last Reformation -movie. Afterwards when I asked my russian friend how he felt he said that he was a bit dissapointed that he could just pray for two people. Yeah, that’s life. Sometimes you have a day with a good catch, other days “the fish just don’t want to bite”. It can be a bit frustrating but the biggest support is that we’re obeying God 🙂

When we came back at 17.30 there were still baptisim and deliverances going on. I didn’t want to be just a spectator, so I went to help with the deliverances that were going on. I prayed with others for two ladies who were totally set free after lots of screaming and weeping. After these two girls were set free, I also prayed for another guy who was also manifesting a lot. After we prayed for him more than ten minutes (the guy still shouting and manifesting) Torben came in and said that we should stop so he that he could take him aside and talk to him. Afterwards he explained that when manifestations are going on for a long time, he (Torben) might send the person back home, because sometimes the demon is already kicked out but people continue manifesting as an “after-shock”: the next day he would meet with the person to see how they feel and if they are already feeling free from it. It was a crazy experience, but Jesus has commanded us to cast out demons: that means I’ll see this more. God, make me ready!

Sunday was a nice finishing day with some teaching, encouraging and connecting with other people from your country. After the seminar was over, we went to the old town of Riga to look around, relax in some cafeteria and approach people. Nobody we approached in old town, shopping mall or bus station had pain. Only when we had gone back to hotel, I talked with a guy waiting for a bus and prayed that he would get sober. He said it was better (and his speech was more clear), but we also had some language barrier between us.

On monday we started our travel back to Finland. When we were checking-out of the hotel I asked the receptionist if I could pray for any pain she had. She said that her throat was sore (level 4/10) so I prayed. After three prayers it was better and after the fourth she felt totally good. Hallellujaah! We could go home with a nice experience! We jumped to taxi to take us to bus station and chatted with him about the reason we were in Riga. He didn’t have any pain but we told about the healings we had seen and recommended the TLR-movie. “You’re the best ‘victim’ of the whole weekend, because you can’t run away”, my wife joked and we all laughed 😀

In Tallinn we met a christain friend and we told enthusiastically about everything we had seen and learn during the weekend and the past weeks. When we arrived to Helsinki we asked some people in the terminal and on our way towards the bus stop. Few times I could  share a card about the TLR-movie, but that’s it. While we were waiting for our bus in a Kamppi-shopping center I asked some more people without success until I found on a group of youngsters. I felt drawn to them so I told my wife and went alone.

I aksed if they spoke english and of course they did. “Ok, then I’ll have a bit of a weird question for you: Does somebody of you have any kind of pain?” One guy said immediately “no”, but another big guy showed me his thumb were there was a recent wound. “Also my arm hurts a lot”, he added. I got his permission to pray for his thumb, so I commanded the pain to leave. The guy checked his thumb and started to swear in disbelief. I could understand from his surprised face that it was healed 😉 Then I asked if I could also pray for his arm that had hurted a lot for a long time already. I prayed again shortly and he started to swear and walked a circle totally impressed of what just happened (you can see this on a video clip). I could then talk to them and explain how this is what Bible tells about, but churches are nowadays just sitting inside the church passively. After some minutes, the gang started to leave and I still had a good but short conversation with one of the guys. He said that he believed in those stuff (healing, supernatural) because he was an occultist and knew more about the spiritual world. He needed to go with the gang that was leaving, but he said that otherwise he could’ve gone to a café with me to talk more. He hugged me when he was leaving and I gave him the TLR-movie information (: Here’s a short clip taken from a distance by my wife:

What an amazing encounter! I’m still in awe of what happened! God is good!


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