Tuesday 13.01.2016, Being invited for tea

I had such a great encounter with the group of guys yesterday that it brought my faith to another level. I pray with more confidence and I trust that God answers!

At noon I went to Prisma and met my friend Ahmed standing outside the shop, waiting his friend to come. I greeted him: “Mitä kuuluu?” and he responded very nicely “Hyvää, entä sinulle”? (good, and with you?). We chatted a bit and I asked if he has pain, but as always he had no pain at all (I ask him every tine I see him :D). His friend came and greeted us both. I also asked him if he had some pain and he pointed to his foot which was in a plaster bandage. He also walked with crutches. I asked if I could pray for him and he gave permission to do so.

I commanded the pain to go in Jesus pain and he was in shock! “What! This works?!” He spoke in Arabic to Ahmed and looked surprised. I told him that it was the power of God.

As they were on their way home I gave them a card and told them that they should watch the TLR-movie for free to see some more of God’s power.

Inside the building I saw some youngsters, but when I approached them, they already said “no pain” before I could even ask anything. The positive side is that, if they would get sick or hurt themselves, they already know who I am and can approach me. On the other hand it is not so good because their tone they have is more like “No. We don’t like you or what you’re bringing… We think it’s stupid”. I try not to let that touch my heart but as I want the best for everyone it is a bit painful to hear that they don’t want you to come into their world. I would never pray for them if they don’t want to. I’m just listening what Jesus tells me to go out and reach people.

I went into the shop and bought some food. I saw an older couple: the man was walking with a crutch so I decided to ask him if I could pray for him. The problem was, he couldn’t speak much English (Aaah, Tim, of course they can’t speak English!!! They are old people!). So I tried in my best Finnish and with some signing I understood that I could pray for him. I prayed for him and asked how it was, but the man answered in Finnish. Since the man was now smiling, but I couldn’t understand him I shook his hand, pointed to up and said: “Jesus, Jesus!” 😀

I wanted to go home, I just needed some more mushrooms so I went to the fruit section. When I was taking my mushrooms there was an old man standing next to me. I felt really drawn to him so I began to speak to him, even though I was wondering if he would understand English. To my surprise the man could speak very good English so we had a good conversation. After 20 minutes of talking I gave him a card of The Last Reformation. We said goodbye to each other and laughed a bit that we had such a good conversation while choosing mushrooms 😀

In the evening I went with my wife still to another shop to buy something I forgot. When we came out of the shop, we saw a foreigner walking the same diraction as us. I asked if he had any pain and if I could pray for it. His english wasn’t so clear so it was a bit hard to understand each other. He could tell that he had headache and I could pray for it. He said it was better and I prayed few more times. He smiled all the time, but we couldn’t be sure if all the pain was gone because of the language barrier.

We continued walking the same way with him and got to know that he’s an asylum seeker from Iraq. Surprisingly the man invited us to come to his home for tea right away. It was actually his friends home (who spoke more english) and we met there other 5 guys from Iraq. I could pray for one of them with some kind of headache and he got healed after two prayers. We had a good time over tea and chatting. They also invited us to come and eat with them when we would come back from Belgium 😀 These people are so hospitable! We didn’t expect this to happen, but as we can see God is often leading us to situations we don’t expect!

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