Wednesday 14.12.2016, Meeting a pastor at Forssa’s bus station

Most of our day was spent inside to get everything ready for going to Belgium for three weeks. That’s why I didn’t go to shop to pray as I mostly do. We decided to make the travelling easier and go to Hämeenlinna already on Wednesday night.

When we went to the bus station in Forssa a man came to stand close to us. My wife recognized that it might be one lutheran pastor, that we had seen once before and that it would be a good and easy opportunity to ask if he has pain. He happened to have pain in his heel so I prayed for it few times, since it went better and better. He was happy about us approaching him and told, that he will tell that as a testimony in a prayer meeting the next day. He said that his heel felt good after the prayers, though in the bus I asked again and he said that there’s still a little of pain but he couldn’t feel it while he was sitting (I prayed one last time). He sat next to us in the bus and we talked nearly the whole 50 minutes with him: we told about The Last Reformation and some testimonies about praying for people and he told about new changes in lutheran church and a course of “Healing prayer” he was following. I believe our stories were encouraging for him and we could hear from thethings he told that he was very motivated to see lutherans being activated and more people coming to faith.

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