Thursday 15.12.16, Going to Belgium and praying on planes and airports!

After the breakfast at the hotel we stayed, my wife was talking with a nice receptionist (she was talking about Belgium and woolsocks and culture differences). I joined them and asked her if she had any pain. She was a bit surprised of the quiestion and said no, so I told her a bit more why I asked that question and gave her a card of TLR. My wife recommended the movie and that we have seen it 3 times already! We pray that she will watch it and the Holy Spirit will touch her through it (:

We took the train to the airport. I asked some people on the trainstation, if they had pain but no one had. When we were already waiting for boarding to go to our first flight I was drawn to a guy with dreadlocks. I asked if he had pain, and he had flu. I prayed for him and afterwards he said that I could also pray for his son. Hallelujaah! I love this!

When we were seated in the plane, my wife started to chat with a young woman next to us (where she’s from ex cetera). While they were talking I was thinking, “Lord has this girl any pain?”. I looked at her and for a “strange” reason I was thinking that she might have pain in her throath. “Sorry, but can I ask you a strange question?”. My wife knew what was coming so she said “euhm, darling maybe not now”, but I wanted to know if the thought (her troath is hurting) was from God or was it my own. The woman was interested: “Sure, you can ask a question!”. “Do you have any pain or hurt right now? like throat hurt? She said, “euhm, actually yes, my troath hurts”. She let me pray for it and it felt better after the first prayer and still better after another prayer. I had the feeling, that she will surely be healed since the Holy Spirit revealed it to me beforehand. I explained her that I actually felt God telling me that her throat was soar and that God wanted her to know that he exists. We talked a bit more about God and Bible and gave her a card about the The Last Reformation movie. She said she would check it. We also chatted with her about other things like finnish language, dialects etc (she was a finnish lady, but had lived 5 years in USA).

Between the flights I also asked two men. The first one was waiting for his flight and said a clear “no”, so I didn’t talk with him. The other was just coming from a flight and walking wiht one crutch. He let me pray and thanked with a smile, but since he was a bit in a hurry, the encounter was very quick.

wp-image-845660jpg.jpgLater in the airport of Brussels I saw a cleaner man standing alone and asked him. He spoke french, so I prayed for healing in French for the first time 😀 His back was hurting and the pain went away with the first prayer (Though, to be sure, I still prayed a second time). “Does it stay like that?” He asked, when trying out how good the back felt now. “Yes, this pain will stay a way, but of course if you break your back by using it badly, then there will be pain again”.
We got our train tickets and waited for the train to Gent. I asked few guys, who were totally not eager to talk to me plus later I asked an african looking man with redlocks, who didn’t have pain, but was having a good time talking with me (I recommended to see the TLR-movie, and gave a card about it).

In the train we had a great ending for the day. I asked a couple on our right side, if they had pain, but they answered “No” very clearly. There was a woman sitting infront of us: my wife saw that she was writing a card with some swedish text and she ask if the lady was from Sweden. She was actually from Gent but living in Sweden. It’s hard to remember exactly how the conversation went, but I quite quickly asked her if he had some pain. My wife wasn’t so comfortable about it, but it ended up being a very nice time for her too. The lady had pain in her back, so I sat next to her for a moment and prayed for the back. She was happily surprised, that the back felt much better and it opened a door for a good conversation. We ended up talking nearly an hour with her and shared about us getting excited about The Last Reformation (praying for random people on the street, etc.) and how our lives have changed by it. We had good laughs when my wife told jokingly that she can’t go anywhere with me anymore without the risk that I might ask anybody we meet if they have pain. She was catholic, but also had been involved with some buddism and stuff. She was interested, when we told about our lives and what God is doing and how great things are happening around the world (We gave the card about the TLR-movie, where they show God’s miracles around the world).We talked about God and all kind of other things like compared swedish, finnish and Belgian people and their characters with each other. It was a very nice encounter: not everybody is open, but some certainly are!


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