Sunday 18.12.16, Healed a friend without knowing

We went to church in the morning with my family. It was great to see everybody after these 4 months of being away! I shared testimonies from the past month with everybody I talked with and they were happy to hear about them. I prayed for one man’s back that has been hurting for ages, but there wasn’t a clear healing (I have no idea why, but I feel it’s better not to try to make a theology out of it). Still many were encouraged to hear all the great things that have happened.

After the service and some fellowship over coffee, we took part to an outreach happening. The meaning was to invite the people who live close to the church to come to the Christmas feast on 25th of December. 15731462_10207184015789015_1580326109_nWe went in pairs from door to door and gave an invitation card and a candle (look to the pic) that said “Jesus is the light of the world”. I went with my wife: many people were not home or didn’t open the door. Some did and were gladly suprised of the invitation and candle. Some opened the door, but didn’t want the invitation or the candle. I also asked those who were open to take the invitation if they have any pain. Some didn’t have pain and some who did, didn’t want prayer. We also invited some people who walked pass-by and I asked them too if they had any pain. Most didn’t have any pain, but we told about the Christmas feast and said that they are warmly welcome.

There was one old guy, who answered “Yes, I have pain a bit everywhere”. I first prayed for his back, which got painless after some prayer. Then he asked me to pray for his stomack, which also got good. He said that he’s also a bit deaf: I prayed for his ears 3-4 times. He said that it got a bit better. “If these three things (back, stomack and hearing) would get good, I would be very happy”. He didn’t react much, but was happy and found the situation interesting. We said some things about God and said good bye. We also met one muslim guy, who had pain, but didn’t let us pray, because he said it doesn’t work. He made some points, why Christianity is wrong and illogical. We didn’t talk long, because it’s no use to try to change somebody’s mind with arguments.

Afternoon was nice family time, but in the evening we went to Every Nation, which is an international church where I met my wife for the first time. We met friends there and had a great time talking about our life in Finland etc. Of course we also told many nice and fun testimonies and our friends where surprised and happy to hear, what God is doing! While I was talking to my friend, Daniel (name changed), something very special happened. He was listening my testimonies of God healing people and asked: “How do you do that?”. “It’s very simple!”, I said. I showed Daniel by putting my hand on his neck: “I just put my hand on the place which is hurting and I pray shortly ‘In Jesus name be healed’. dmitro-neck-hurting-and-being-very-stiff-but-got-totally-painless-after-a-demonstration-prayer-1Sometimes it doesn’t work right away so I do it again ‘Pain go away, in Jesus name'”. I just continued telling the story,  but he stopped me: “Sorry Tim, but I have to say something. My neck has been hurting so much today, that it was hard to stand during the singing, but when you did that demonstration right now, my pain just vanished!”, my wife saw it and answered happily but not so suprised “Wow, so cool”. ” I’m not joking!”, Daniel added. “I know”, my wife said, “I know it’s real, since I’ve seen it happen already many times!” 😀


I think it’s so cool what happened! It’s another example that healing is never about the person, but about God! Jesus’ name has authority, even if we use it without realizing 😀

Later after church we went to a pub to sit and we had a long conversation with Daniel and 3 others about healing and Bible and how church is a body of different functions. I was really pointing out, how Jesus said to all of his disciples “Go out, heal the sick, preach the gospel, cast out demons” and how nowadays most people see it (healing) as a gift that is given only to some. This is something that has really changed my life! And what I saw in the Kickstart seminar was, that even if most people there had never prayed for anybody on the streets before, they were able to heal somebody in Jesus name during that weekend. This is no joke! Not everybody has to go to the street all the time, but what if we all would have courage to pray for the sick that we meet in our daily lives: collegues, friends, relatives, coworkers? That would be great! (:



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