Monday 19.12.16, Visiting my collegues and ex-pupils!

Today I had agreed to visit the school were I was teaching. I taught evangelical protestant religion for 7 years. I would meet some of my former students and my former collegues! So nice! I wanted to pray for my former collegues and students if possible!

I went to the station to take the train to go to Aalst and while waiting for the train I decided to ask some people if they had pain and if I could pray for them. The first guy I met (standing there together with some friends) had some pain were I prayed for few times but nothing really happened. I said that I can’t guarantee healing for 100% (as he could see) but maybe he would feel better the next day. I said good bye and he wished me good luck. Ok, that was settled. No healing, but a happy guy. I like that. Still, it is not easy to start with a “failure”, but I have already seen that I don’t have to be bothered by that and just continue! So I did. And the next person, surprise, surprise … got healed from an aching back after the fourth prayer! It was a muslim guy who first thought that I wouldn’t pray for him because he was a muslim. I answered him; “Hey that’s no problem! Jesus died for you too: can I pray for you?” He looked a bit surprised but said: “Euhm… yeah, sure” and got healed by the first prayer 😀 Glory Hallelujah!

I was in a flow now and was eagerly waiting to see the next person being healed. I first had to get into thw train and to check some messages on my phone. A group of four young adults came to sit at the other side of the row were I was sitting. I first held my peace but then I just stood up, went to them and asked if they had any pain. They all said “no”, but then one of them commented: “Yeah, Regina (not real name), you had some pain in your back!”. Regina (see the pic) said: “yes, actually I have”. So I asked if I could pray for her and she agreed. I asked if she could come and stand next to me, so I could lay my hands on her back. Her back was hyrting on level 8 from 10. I prayed once and the pain left. Hallelujah! I wanted to be sure that all the pain was gone (even though she said that there’s no pain any more), so I prayed a second time to be totally sure ;D The woman thanked me and went back to her seat. I explained a bit about what happened and gave a card of “The Last Reformation”.

I arrived in Aalst and walked tothe school were I used to teach. I went to the teachers room and said hi to everyone. I was happy to see, that my old seat, between Stephaan (teaher of Ethics) who I always had nice times with and another collegue who also married someone from abroad. I sat on my old place and after some nice small talk I started to speak about how nice it was to live in Finland. I ended up talking more with Stephaan and after having told about “The Last Reformation” the other teacher (who married someone from abroad) next to me said she had pain all over her body. I asked if I could pray. “Wow, it actually works! The pain is gone!” she said after the prayer. Then something strange happened: after some time she said: “Ooh no! Now it’s back.”. So I prayed again and the pain left again but now it went in her back. I prayed again and it left, but went now in her neck. I prayed for the last time and send the pain away, and commanded that it should never return!

Afterwards she was a bit quiet. Stephaan, the teacher of ethics, was looking very surprised and asked her if it really was true, and she said: “yes, it’s really true!”. Then Stephaan said: “Ok, I have pain too. Let’s see if it’s true. My leg hurts.”. Aaah, so Stephaan had some pain in the end! So I prayed for it and commanded the pain to leave. First time, no change. Second prayer, no change. At the third prayer Stephaan’s face changed and he went totally silent. “Now the pain is gone isn’t it?”, I asked. He smiled and said: “Let’s see tomorrow, if the pain stays away”.

It was time to go and see the teacher who continued with my pupils after I left. When I came in the class there were two students (from age 17-18 years). One was a girl who I remember sometimes being very annoying and the other was a boy who’s a very good and decent student (I taught him 5 years). They had seen the “The Last Reformation”-movie with the teacher and now I could tell what had happened in my life since I had seen the movie and started to act like they did. After showing them a video from youtube, Miracles in Time Square New York City, I showed them the small video clip from Helsinki, where I prayed for some guys and they reacted a bit the same way. After that I asked if either of them had pain. The girl said she had pain in her arm, level four from 10. I prayed six times, and just after the sixth time (I was almost giving up!) she got free from the pain. Sometimes people react really abundantly, other times they just say: “Yes, now it’s gone.”, like now. The teacher was really glad that he had now seen someone who does the same things as those on the movie. It seemed important to him and I was very glad that they had all seen that it’s true!

When I went back to the teachers room I saw my collegue of Catholic Religion, who I also had a very good connection with. She hugged me and asked how it was. We spoke a bit about everything and I also told about The Last Reformation. As I told about it, she told that she had a lot of pain in her neck: so much that she couldn’t move it anymore to the right or left. It was totally blocked! I asked if I could pray and prayed two or three times for it and the pain left. She was amazed and looked around to the other theachers who were there. My collegue Stephaan was also there and said: “Yes, it really works: he just healed my hurting leg!”. “No, no!”, I said, “Holy Spirit healed you! I can’t heal anybody!”.

An AMAZING day! The Holy Spirit healed 6 people, hallelujah! 😀 I will visit Stephaan next week with my wife, so I can ask how his leg is and maybe talk some more with him!


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