Tuesday 20.12.16, Kickstarting a friend in Ghent

On Sunday my wife had talked to a friend of ours (let’s call him A) at church and recommended to see The Last Reformation -movie.  He had seen it the same day and wanted to come to try it out on the streets with me. I promised to kickstart him (show him in practise, how praying for sick is done and help him to do it) on Tuesday.

I arrived at our meeting place, Mc Donalds, early,so I decided to start already asking people if they had pain. First two or three groups that I asked had no pain at all, but after that I found a group where I could pray for one girl who had some pain in her back. I prayed four times, and on the fourth time the pain left. The others couldn’t believe it, but the girl persisted that it was really gone. Because of that another person in the group said I could pray for him and he was healed after two prayers. A third person came immediately after that and said that he had also some pain. Already after one prayer the pain was gone. A girl from a group youngsters close by heard the conversation and said that I could pray for her. She got healed after two prayers, I think, and then another person from her group also asked for prayer and still another boy from the same group (I think there were seven people in total, but I do not remember exactly. Also I don’t know any more what they all asked prayer for.). My friend had arrived while I was praying for the last people and saw their reaction. There was also some guys, who were  a bit mocking me, for praying for people.

My friend, A, joined me and we went for lunch together. I wanted to first show him an example of how to approach people and pray for them, so I asked a lot of people to ask if they had pain but almost no-one had. After some time I found a guy who had already 10 years problems in his back and was walking with a brace (see the pic). I prayed for him and the pain left him after the fourth prayer. He was shocked!


Now I had showed my friend, A, how I do it, so next would be his turn. We searched and asked a lot of people but no-one had pain. We found a guy that A could pray for, but he didn’t feel a big difference after three prayers. My friend also prayed for his sleep so that he wouldn’t be bothered by his dry mouth.

After some more searching we found a group where we could pray for someone, but another group close-by started to mock us (the same group that mocked us in the beginning). We even had to fled because they wanted to kick us. We walked to another place, but it was very hard to find anybody with pain :/

In the end we still found one guy to pray for. I prayed for him and his back got healed after four prayers (A had suggested, that I pray for those that I approach). My friend A said that even though today was not so good for him, he still wants to continue! AMEN! To be continued!!


(During the night I was going through the day and how it went. I felt that there’s two things that I should do differently the next time: 1) If we are not welcome somewere (some people were mocking us at Korenmarkt), we should move to another place and not go back. It’s not good to risk your good mood or the mood of the person you’re kickstarting. Also Jesus said, that if a place/city doesn’t welcome you, you should just move on. 2) If a person I’m kickstarting prays, but nothing happens, I should help him out and pray myself. I didn’t want to do it, because we have the same spirit and it’s not about the person. Still, I have more confidence while praying and it’s good for the person whose being kickstarted to feel that I’ll have their back, and they don’t have to be worried if something happens or not.)


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 20.12.16, Kickstarting a friend in Ghent

    1. Sorry for my late respons; your answer was put in my “spam”. That’s why I didn’t see it.
      Off course you can share this! These stories are not mine but are meant to build up the body of Christ. These are for anyone who wants this life, you can have it too!
      Be blessed and yes, share it to anyone who would need this! 😀 happy 2017!


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