Thursday 22.12.16, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would lead me

My plan of the day was to go to dentist and meet my friend Daniel (name changed). In the morning, before leaving to the dentist, I spent half an hour in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to guide me more. My appointment with the dentist was at 10.30 am. and my mom had promised to take me.

After 10 minutes of driving, my mom asked me to pray for her leg because it was hurting a lot. I commanded the pain to leave, and it left but after 10 seconds it came back. Again I commanded the pain to leave and not return anymore! It left again. Hallelujah. (Though my mom told in the evening that the pain had come back after I left the car. She was thinking. “Ooh, I need to wait on Tim now”, but then realised that she didn’t need me because she had the same Holy Spirit. She commanded herself that the pain would go and it went again). 😀

After my appointment with the dentist I needed to go and get a letter from my former appartement. When I was passing the station (Gent-Sint-Pieters), a Romanian guy approached me. It felt kind of normal to listen to that Romanian stranger because I love talking to all kind of people and I often approach strangers myself, as you know 😀  The only pity is, that he spoke French. I can speak French but it takes a lot more effort and my vocabulary is not as wide.  He explained his difficult situation to provide for his wife and kids. I listened and asked if he had any pain. “Yes, in my back and also some headache”, he answered. I asked if I could pray for him, which was no problem for him. I prayed 2 times for his back, but nothing happend. I prayed a third time and the pain went from  4 to 2/10. I prayed for a fourth time and it was all gone. Halleluja! I also prayed one time for his head and the headache left immediately! The guy asked me if I could come with him to his home. Normally I maybe wouldn’t do it, but this time I did, because I had asked this morning the Holy Spirit to lead my way (I also asked my friend Daniel, if we can meet an hour later).

I came at his home were he started to explain his hard situation. I listened to him and decided to help the family in need. They were really poor and helping them would be better than giving an expensive Christmas present to someone who didn’t need it anyway. I shared gospel as best I could, but it was hard because I had to speak French and also his wife could only speak Romanian. The man was an Orthodox Christian and didn’t look so interested (I wanted to share the gospel, because many Christains are just namely Christains and don’t actually even know clearly, that God wants to be part of their everyday life). He still told over and over again about his hard situation. He told what needs he had and even took a paper to write the cost of each so I would surely understand. I felt, that Holy Spirit had led to meet this guy, so I decided to give what he needed, just as I had already decided. We went to find a bank automat and then came back to his house to eat some soup that his wife was warming for us. After the soup I left them, wishing them a happy Christmas and a great new year.

I hurried to Daniel, who looked very happy. We sat down and spoke about what Jesus was doing in our lives. His neck had been free from pain after Sunday, but he added that it was again a bit stiff, so I prayed for it. I commanded the stiffness to go and not return. The stiffness left immediately! Later he told that his teeth were also hurting. I prayed for it and the pain left after two or three prayers. God be praised! He wants everybody to be painless, hallelujah! Pain doesn’t come from God, that’s what I know.

When I left Daniel and finally visited my former home to get the letter. My visit to city center had taken many hours more than I thought, but now I was on my way home, sitting in the tram. I was very happy and smiled all the time. When we arrived to Evergem (the place were my father would pick me up) I decided to approach two youngsters +/- 17 years who were sitting on a bench, to ask if they had some pain. Both the girl and the boy said “no”, but asked why. I told them that I wanted to do what Jesus had asked and pray for the sick because I believe that they would heal. “Aah, ok!”, he said and I said, “Good that everything is all right! Hallelujah”. I went back to the parking lot but I heard someone calling me. I went back to them and the guy said that he had headache because of a hangover. I said that Jesus could heal that too: he looked a bit surprised but let me pray! After the second prayer he felt already a bit better and after the third he said that it was totally gone. His girlfriend said: “really!???”, and he replied: “Yes, truly it’s totally gone!!”. I gave him a TLR card and told him to certainly watch the movie that is on the website. He said he would certainly check it, still amazed by what had happened. I said good bye to them and went to meet my dad who came with the car. What an exiting life this is! 😀 God is awesome!













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