Friday 23.12.16, An unbelieveble day!! 

Whaaw, what a day! 😀

Around two o’clock I went with my wife to the shopping centrum “Zuid”. We had planned to buy some small Christmas presents for the family and also to pray for people, if they would let us. When we arrived there, I really needed to go to the toilet outside the shopping mall, so I left my wife for a while. When I was walking back, I saw a girl with crutches so I went to her and asked if she had pain in her leg. She said “yes” but after I asked some more questions I could see that she didn’t want prayer, because she was afraid of what people around her would think. I didn’t try to convince her but just said: “ok, no problem”.

I walked towards the entrance of the shopping woman-painfreemall, but saw another girl (see on the pic) with crutches so I asked her also if she had pain. She said “yes” and she said that I can pray for her. I asked if I could lay may hands on her leg and her husband said “Sure, give it a try”. I put my hands on her leg and commanded the pain to leave. When I asked her again if she still could feel the pain she said, “Yeah wow, no pain. It’s quite amazing!” (See the girl in the pic). I gave her a TLR-card and explained a bit about the gospel. I could see that they were on their way to go somewhere, so I left them kinda quickly.


I met my wife and we planned to first visit some shops and afterwards we could try to talk with some youngsters, that we saw downstairs sitting on benches. When we were on our way to another shop, we saw 4 African guys who seemed to be hanging out without any hurry. We agreed with my wife, that I’ll go and talk to them and she can go and stand a bit further. “Hey, can I ask you a question? Does any of you have some pain?”  They looked at me with a strange face, but one of them (see below the guy with a blue jacket) said “yes”. He let me pray for his knee: I prayed one quick prayer and the guy started to speak in his mother tongue to the other African guys. I could see that he was healed cause he looked so amazed of what had just happened. As it often happens, after the first guy was healed, another guy told that his back was hurting. All the pain went away from the first prayer (see below the guy with a green jacket)! I could share some gospel and gave them a TLR-card.

We visited another shop on the bottom floor and decided still to visit one more shop on another floor. We walked towards the stairs, but then I saw a very promising group of 7 youngsters, so I went to ask them, if anyone had pain (My wife stood a bit further since she doesn’t speak flamish). One of them had neckpain and I asked if I could pray for him, which was ok for him. He was healed by the first prayer and reacted quite loudly: “Whala! it’s gone! It’s truly gone!” 😀 After his reaction all the others also started to tell about pain in different places of their bodies. I prayed for them and all get healed one after another. It was amazing to see their surprized faces! 😀 I asked the first guy if I could make a video but he was very sceptical and said that he was “undercover”. He agreed in taking a picture  without his face showing

We were quite a lively talking, laughing and moving gang! Things happened very quickly. One of the guys went to tell to few of their older friends, that were sitting a bit further away. They also came to see and wanted to be prayed for. While I was praying for these new guys, my wife also saw some belgian looking girls who came to talk with the first guys and they were telling the girls that I’m praying for sick in Jesus name. Also one of the guys was brave enough to go to talk to my wife, who was standing further away: “Vrouw, Do you actually believe in what your husband is doing?”. “Yes, totally! I also believe in God and Jesus and I’ve seen a many people healed this past month”. The boy talked some sentences with my wife and was clearly wondering, if this really could be true.  My wife also saw that a belgian man (around 35 years) who sat very close to all this bubbling, was every now and then looking at me and the guys and also smiling to my wife. My wife gave him a card of the TLR-movie saying: “Here’s a very good movie, that explains, what my husband is doing right now”. One of the guys even came to aks that belgian man some minutes after if he had any pain (Hahaa, others are doing half of the job! :D). Towards the end of all talking and praying one of the guys said to me: “You have to come with me to see my sister! She has a lot of pain and is now at home”. I said that I will come with him to pray for his sister, but first I quickly need to visit one last shop to buy a present for my brother. My wife had also left some minutes before to meet a friend, so I was perfectly free to follow them.

I quickly visited one last shop and went back to the guys. When I came back to them, there was still some new guys with them. I could pray for one more person who got healed. I took tram with two guys to see the other guyss sister at “Ledebergplein” (a square in Gent). When we arrived at the L-plein the guys saw some other friends and I got to pray for them too! 😀 One of them had pain in his head or was it his troath, I don’t remember it anymore. Anyway, he got healed too! 😀

pain-in-groin-liesThen the sister and her husband arrived with car. They opened the window and I explained a bit that I wanted to pray for her pain to go away. She said she would see a doctor tomorrow, but came out of the car to let me pray for her. I had to pray six times before all the pain was gone because it went away gradually and she had some difficulties in recognizing still some last pain (see the pic under). She also said that she started to feel very warm at the spot, which I prayed for.


Then the mother of the other guy came to see what was happening and asked for some prayer too (see the pic under). I commanded the pain to go out of her neck and out of her back. After a while it left first out of the neck and later the pain in the back left.She asked if I could pray for her son’s back too. Yes, he also got healed! Halleluja! 😀

After that the son and the mother invited me to their home. We drank some coffee and changed phone numbers. The mother also invited me to their church the next Sunday but I told it would be a bit difficult, since it’s Christmas. One week later it could be possible, but I would tell them later.  I gave them a TLR-card and told them there was a good movie on. I shared some more about the importance of repentence, baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit. Then I needed to go. We said goodbye and her son brought me to the busstop. What an amazing day!!




5 thoughts on “Friday 23.12.16, An unbelieveble day!! 

  1. Love to you brother and sister for your obedience and servant heart. Thank you for your encouraging testimonies of God’s goodness and grace. He is amazing and life changing! Keep walking out your faith!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for the late reply! We are super happy if this blog can encourage and bless somebody, because that’s our only aim! 😀 We have a lot to learn, but we are not stopping! A lot of blessings to you and thanks for commenting and encouraging us by that!

      Best regards,
      Anni and Tim


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