Wednesday 28.12.16, Kickstarting my newly baptised friend!

We had planned to meet up at 12 at the shopping center Zuid with Daniel (name changed), who was baptized the day before and another friend, let’s call her Donna, who has a really big heart for evangelism. The plan was to first have lunch and catch up and then search for people we could pray for.

I had to go to the toilet outside and when I returned, I passed by an older woman who had some pain in her leg. I could pray for her and the pain left her. Hallelujah! I talked about Jesus with her and gave her the TLR card. She said that she would ask her son who could read and speak English to translate it to her. Yeesss, God is on the move 😀


I returned to my wife and together we waited on our friends at the entrance of the shopping mall. I already asked few passer-bys, if they had any pain, but without result. First Donna came and we were greeting each other. While my wife was talking with Donna, I asked a very tall guy who passed by if he had some pain. He said that he had a lot of pain in his knee, like 10 from 10.  He let me pray and after the first or second prayer he was completly healed! Halleluja! He reacted very surpised and happy and thanked me: also my wife and Donna could clearly see that plus Daniel, who just arrived. “Don’t thank me, thank Jesus!”, I answered to his happy thank yous. “No, you did it, I thank You!”, he answered. “No, it’s not me it’s Jesus who healed you!” He became a bit irritated and said “If that’s the case, then I’m not healed!”and walked away to the exit of the shopping center. It was a very weird encounter. He’s pain was one of the biggest that I’ve seen and his surprisement when the pain went away was also one of the biggest. Still, hearing that it’s Jesus who healed him made him to run away from us irritated.

We ate lunch together and talked about who has been on outreaches before and how does it feel and how will we do it. Just before we were about to leave, I asked the group who sat at the same table if someone needed prayer. They looked to us with a bit strange face but one of them told, she had neck pain. I was sure the woman would be healed but it was very strange that after the fourth prayer she still said that nothing had changed. We said that God is able to heal them but sadly it didn’t happen today. We wished them good bye and we decided, that I’ll start with Daniel and my wife and Donna can look to us from far.

We found an indian looking lady and she had lots of pain in her leg (see the picture below). I asked her if I could pray for her and she let me, though she told that she doesn’t believe in (our) God. I prayed a few times and after the fourth or fifth time she felt much better. She started sharing about her life and said that she actually have had breast cancer but that it wasn’t a problem any more. I asked if we could pray for the breast cancer too, and she answered very happily “yes, of course”. Daniel prayed for her and it put a smile on her face (Daniel told later, that he had felt something special, when he prayed for her). She told about her grandmother who was ill and laying in hospital with severe injuries. She showed a picture of her grandmother laying in hospital and I asked if I could pray for her too. She was again very happy to say “yes”, so I did. Afterwards she was so happy and said that she feels that we were truly sent by God. I connected her in facebook and we said goodbye and wished each other a good day.

We went back to my wife and Donna and changed pairs. I started to search people with Donna and very soon we saw two muslim looking guys sitting on a bench. The meaning was to first show Donna, how I approach people and pray for them. I asked if some of them had pain. The first said: “No, I have no pain” and looked to his neighbour who also said: “… euhm, no I have no pain.”. His friend exclaimed: “Hey, you just had some pain in your leg!” The second guy said: “Aah, yes, actually I do have some pain.”. I asked if I could pray for it and after the third prayer all pain was gone. Amazing!

We decided that Donna would go searching with my wife and I would go on with Daniel. Firstly Daniel and I met some young teens on the first floor and I asked if someone had pain. One said, “Yes I have, but what will you do about it?”. I asked if we could pray for it, and he said yes, so I told Daniel to lay his hand on the painspot and command all pain to go. Daniel commanded the pain to leave and the guys started swearing in Arabic. The guy who was healed said to his friend: “It is really gone, it is really gone!”. We spoke about Jesus and Holy Spirit healing him and gave them a card. They were amazed! 😀

We went on searching for people with pain. we asked a lot of people but no one had pain. Until we went to the third floor. We passed the elevator and saw an African looking couple with a baby. Daniel asked them if some one of them had pain and the woman confessed she had. So Daniel commanded all pain to leave (now knowing how to do it already), and after third prayer she was totally set free from pain. The woman was amazed, but also the muslim-looking husband looked very happy and spoke with us. We told about Jesus healing her etc. and gave them the TLR-card after some sharing.

We decided to go and search for my wife and Donna. We found them and we told each other about the encounters we had had. They had been asking a lot of people too, but nobody had had pain. Donna had still had a nice conversation with a lady in a shop, Blokker: she didn’t have any pain, but they had a long conversation about forgiving. Donna shared that Jesus is a great example of forgiveness, since he prayed at the cross for those who killed him.

We decided to sit down to a café, but Donna had to go before that. We prayed shortly for her outside the mall and said goodbye. Together with Daniel we went to Café Vooruit to talk a bit more and go through our experiences. Daniel was very enthousiastic and said that “This has really taken my faith to a new level!”. We told that it’s important to continue and find others with the same heart and enthusiasm. It’s perfectly possible to talk to people and pray for them on your own too, but it’s good to have someone, to whom you can afterwards share the good and the bad.

We said goodbye and my wife and I walked towards the tram to go back to my parents’ home. When we were walking, I saw a young asian looking man sitting on a “bench” (see the pic below). I went to talk to him and my wife walked on to wait a bit further. He had neck pain and I prayed for it few times. It came up that he’s also a christain and goes to the same international church, Every Nation, where we used to go. There was still a very small pain left, but he said that it’s good enough, since he had to go. He thanked and we said good bye. At the same time, a young man with crutches passed us and I asked him If I could pray, but he didn’t want that, pity.


When we were sitting in the tram a muslim looking mother came to sit on the bench facing us with her two daughters: the older was around 17 years and the younger was 4 years, as we later learned. The small girl before us was very playful and we talked a bit with her and we all laughed together. She was excited about her new toothbrushes 😀 After some time I also asked if they had any pain. The teenage girl interpreted for the mother who told that she had a lot of pain in her knee. I asked the pain level from 1-10 and she said 9. “Whaaaw, you have a lot of pain!”, I said and I asked if I could put my hand on her knee and she agreed. She took my hand and put it on the right spot. After four short prayers nothing had changed. The girl who was interpreting was looking to us a bit apologetic. I prayed a fifth time and the mother’s face changed a bit and she spoke to her daughter who said to us that knee was a bit better. Now she was seemingly trusting, that things were changing. She also showed me pain in leg and got up without asking, so that could pray for it too. I still prayed a few times more and she told through her daughter that she had no pain anymore! Glory to God! We told that God had healed her in Jesus name and showed the TLR-card, so that they can see more about God from internet. My wife also gave the TLR movie-card to the teenage girl and recommended her to watch it. We still sat at least 15 mins with them and played a bit with the young girl. Two old ladies next to us were the only ones that maybe saw and heard that I prayed for that woman, others didn’t have a clue. It was nicely part of normal life!

When we got out of the tram, I still asked another muslim family and later a muslim looking older man, but they didn’t need prayer.

We were very happy of the day with my wife! Daniel had such a nice experience and Donna too (she’s already used to going on streets to do different kind of outreaches)! It’s so nice to see what God is doing through any believer, who wants to step out!


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