Thursday 29.12.16, Kickstart with my mom and Carol

The plan for today was to kickstart my mom and her prayer group. Sadly, two of the women couldn’t come, so that left us to be four: me, my wife, my mom and Carol (name changed), an older lady from my church. When we were in the car to go to the shopping center in Zuid, Carol told that she had been thinking about declining yesterday, but that today she was very happy to join us. It’s scary to step out from your comfort zone, especially when it’s about God. We have to remember, that devil can try to put lies to our heads and make us scared!

When we entered the shopping mall I first needed to go to the toilet and when I came back I asked a foreigner looking man if he had any pain, but he said that he didn’t. I went back to my gang at the entrance and we talked about which café we would go to. Few minutes later the foreign guy came back to tell me, that he actually does have some pain due to a car accident but he didn’t believe he could be healed from that. “No problem”, I said, “I believe that God is able!”. I prayed a few times for him, but no healing occured. I thought: “Strange, what is this”. Anyway we had a good conversation. I told that even if I see a lot of healings, sometimes it doesn’t happen and I don’t know why. I told that if Jesus would’ve prayed for him, he would’ve been healed. He told he is a muslim: he also believes in Jesus, but doesn’t believe that Jesus can heal. A pity that no healing happened, but God has all the answers and I just have to be faithful to what he has called me to.

We started by sitting down for coffee and tea and talking about our feeling and thoughts about the day: what if healing doesn’t happen, what if they don’t have pain, has anybody ever called the police or guard. We concluded that God is in control. Nobody can kick us out, because we are just asking people a question and talking with them. We told about stories about the previous day or before. Also we talked about, how often the hardest part is to find people with pain.

I decided that I would first go with my mom and ask some people to pray for but today was a very “hard” day. We walked around and asked many people, but the answer was always no. My wife and Carol were following us from far, so that they can see, but that people who we approach wouldn’t feel weird. After asking more than 10 people, we met a belgian guy, who lived in America. He was also a christain and we had a long conversation in flamish, where also Carol joined. “It’s very good, what you’re doing!”, he said to us (:


We changed the pairs, so that I would now walk with Carol to try to find someone. After asking many people and groups, I approached a group (two men and one lady) who were very open. Nobody had pain, but we still had a very good conversation. I asked them if I could pray for them and if I could also ask Carol to pray for them (She was standing a bit further). They had no problem with it, so I asked Carol to join. We stood in a group and took each others hands and prayed a blessing over them. At the same time my wife and my mom were standing 10 meters further. My mom started to talk to a guy, who was close to them and putting his phone together. It ended up beeing a long conversation and my mom told what we are doing and about God etc. Carol joined her when she came back with me and I paired up with my wife.


I still went around with my wife. Again, I asked a lot of people, but they didn’t have pain or didn’t want prayer. One guy, who was in a gang, let me pray shortly for his knee, but they had to go just after the prayer, so we don’t know if it was healed. We also went to a market to search for people. My wife asked an asian looking young woman: “Do you have any kind of pain?”, but she answered politely but clearly: “Sorry, but I don’t have time for this kind of thing”. We ended up buying few gifts for the family and got a call from my mom that it would be time to go home.

When we found them, they were talking to a friend of ours, an indian pastor from Gent. It was very nice to see him, because we have been helping each other at the “Freedom Festival” in Ghent on many summers. We both have a heart for God and we decided to meet up when I would come to Ghent during my next visit in the summer. I’m already looking forward to that visit because he is used to go to the refugee centre in Ghent: he prays for them (especially for healing) and shares the gospel and gives Bibles. Amazing! Just as I try to do in Finland 😀  Though he is much more skilled in this than I am, so I could learn a lot from him, I’m sure of that!

Just like Peter Ahlman always says: “To be continued!” 😀

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