Friday 30.12.16, Meeting a friend and praying for people

My plan for today was to spend some time with a friend, Evert (name is changed), to meet Gino (name is changed) who wanted me to pray for him and to pray for other people in the shopping center. Gino had contacted me before and I had told him, that I’ll be at the shopping center around 13-15 pm on friday. In the evening I would meet up with my wife and together we would go to see my good friends, a couple who married a year ago.

I had agreed with my friend Evert to meet at the entrance of the shoppingcenter at 13:30 pm. While I was waiting for him, I asked some people around me if they had any pain. While I was talking with people, Gino arrived with his wife (We hadn’t agreed an exact hour when they would meet me). Gino had never met me, but he recognised me immediately because I was talking to all people around me and praying for them. He came to ask me were we could sit down and talk and pray. I told that downstairs would be good, but I first want to end the conversation I was having with a lady. I was still speaking to that lady, when my friend Evert arrived. I told the same to him, that in a moment we would go downstairs with Gino and his wife to talk and pray.

After 5 minutes I could end the conversation and went downstairs to meet with Gino (in the middle in the pic) and his wife and my friend Evert (on the right on the pic). Together we sat and talked a long time. We shared nice stories and after that we prayed together for his disease. Gino said that he believes that God is able to deliver him from his sicknesses but that the fact that he has a lot of sicknesses doesn’t keep him from being obedient to God, when He wants to use him. He said he would go to Pakistan together with his wife in near future so we could also bless their trip. When we said goodbye, Evert and I sat down some where else to catch up and talk about our lives. We had planned to pray for people, but Evert said that he would actually be happier to just look, when I pray for people.


We went outside to the Zuidpark and found some skaters: I asked if they had any pain and one boy had some knee pain. He agreed that I would pray for him by laying my hands on his knee. After the third prayer it was a bit better and after the fourth prayer he was totally healed. His friend said: “Actually, I have also some pain in my knees”. He let me pray for him and after the second prayer it was totally gone!  Halleluja! I could share some gospel and went on as they wanted to continue skating. When I went on I met an African lady who had some pain in her troath. She agreed in putting my hand on her troath and after the third prayer the pain left totally. She was a believer, but we talked for a while nicely (It’s hard to remember exactly the topics, but very likely I shared some healing stories and told about the Lat Reformation movie). Evert and I walked a bit more and shared about all kind of things and finally said good bye. We had a good time and it was nice to hear that my friend is coming closer to make his dream come true to go to Australia. I bless him with the vision he has in mind.

I still had a lot of time, before I had to meet up with my wife, so I walked towards the city center and on the way all kind of things happened:

A romanian man got healed from stomach ache

I met two Romanians, who only understood french, and asked if they had some pain: one of them had stomach pain and he let me pray for it. After two or three prayers he was totally healed! Glory to God! I don’t remember so well if I prayed for the other one too: sometimes I just forget pieces of “who, when or how” because some days I meet so many people and the Holy Spirit does so much that in the end I forget things… But what I know is that the Holy Spirit wants to do many great things through us when we’re ready to be used by Him! 😀 After some talking and explaining some gospel in French I went on.

Then I came at Veldstraat, a shopping street in Gent. There I could pray for a guy with crutches who was together with his friend. He told that the doctor had said that he has to use his crutches still for one week and then his feet would be healed. I prayed for his foot to be healed completely. The guy with his friend were very thankful and wished me goodbye (they were seeming busy, so I didn’t want to keep them longer).

A young muslim man with toothache got healed

Later I met a young man who had toothache (see below in the pic). He agreed to let me pray for him. After the fouth prayer he was totally pain free. I shared some gospel and told him it was Jesus who healed him. He said: “Yeah, I can do the same you’re doing in the name of Allah”. I told him I would want to know his contact information for when I would need some healing and we both laughed (I don’t believe that Allah can heal, but it’s no use to start a long quarrel about that). I hope that he will meet the real God.

I passed a tram stop and asked the same question (does anybody of you have some kind of pain?) to a group of youth who was waiting for their tram. One young (13y) guy had some pain in his knee. I prayed for it but he said with an unchanged face “nothing” when I asked if something was changing after I prayed for it. This went on for four times, so I said: “I believe that if Jesus would have prayed for you you would be healed but the healing prayer with me doesn’t work sometimes”. I looked around the group and asked if someone else still had some pain were I could pray for because I had a hunch that the guy didn’t want to admit even if he would be healed. A girl put her finger in front of my face and said: “Yes, my finger hurts”. I could pray for it and after the first prayer her face changed and she started to speak in her mother tongue to her other friends. I could make up that she was healed. She then turned to the guy and said “Is your hurt really not healed?”. To my surprise the guy now said that his knee was also healed ??? I then asked him if he still had some “little” pain, but he said: “No, no pain”. I was a bit confused because the guy had said before “no nothing (has changed)” and now he said that he was totally healed! Come on! This is a situation I have to keep in mind. After trying to share about gospel I quickly understood that they were not open to accept what I was telling so I said good bye and wished them a happy new year.

I hurried to meet my wife and we took a tram to see our friends (a couple and another friend). It was great to see them after being 5 months away in Finland! My wife and I were full of fun stories of Finland and especially of God healing and touching peope: so full, that the others didn’t get to say much for the first half an hour or so! 😀 “So, how did this all start?”, they asked. They have known me for years and they know that I love to talk about God even in trams and trains. Still, they know that I’ve never before been praying for random strangers on daily bases. We told them, that everything started with us seeing a documentary movie The Beginning from the Last Reformation and some other movies. They were very interested to see it themselves, since it seemed to really have a big impact on us. My wife showed them few first minutes of the movie, for them to get a taste. We also asked the couple about their 4 month trip in south America and a 3 week project from OM, that they had joined. We had great a time!



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