1.-2.1.17, A new exciting year is starting!

As we are starting the new year (2017) we are looking forward to an exciting journey with the Holy Spirit! The year 2017 will be a year as never before cause this “new” thing (which is actually NOT AT ALL new) -healing the sick and preaching the gospel- really rocks our world. Yes this is were I want to live for! My eyes are fixed on Jesus, knowing that without him we are NOTHING!

We started the year 2017 with my family, spending time together and playing some board games. On sunday evening we were gathered with my mothers side of the family. I prayed for my christain aunt, who has been sick lately. She was glad. Together we had a good and fun time.

On monday I had an appointment to see Pieter (name changed), whose my friend since many years. I was longing to meet up with him and hear how he is doing: He has devoted his life “fulltime” to do missionary work in Belgium. “All for the Kingdom of God” as we would call it. 

I came early to the shoppingcenter Zuid, so I already started a bit to aks people, if that hve pain. Mostly I also tell shortly “why” I ask that question which gives me already an opportunity to see “how” they react. If they’re open I can go on with the conversation, if they’re not I quickly leave them. The people that I asked inside the mall didn’t have pain, so I decided to go outside.

I saw some youngsters when I went out and asked them. They were looking at me a bit stragely, but then one of them recognized me and said: “Yeah, do it, he prayed for me too another day and it worked! Just do it!”. He convinced his friends to tell that they actually have some pain (which they didn’t dare to tell me before). Two of the guys had pain and they let me pray for them. They both got healed from the first prayer. Then there was a third one (see the pic below) who also told that he had some pain (I think it was in his back) so I prayed for it and it went away! All glory to Jesus! I didn’t have their full attention so they quickly were talking to each other about all kind of other things. I gave them a card and told them about Jesus who had healed them and that they should watch the TLR-movie for free, so that they could see that this is happening all around the world. I said good bye and left them. I know that I have to prepare myself more to share the gospel more effectively.


I got a message from Pieter that he was in the shopping center waiting for me so I went to meet him. We first searched for a cafetaria to sit down and share a bit about our lives. When we left the cafeteria, Pieter had on his heart to give the waitress a word of encouragement. I asked for another coffee and Pieter and I gave both words of encouragement to her (like that we feel that she’s a good mother etc). After that we left and went to search for people we could pray for.

First we met two african looking guys. One of them had some pain in his shoulder from an injection, but the pain didn’t  leave him, when I prayed. I felt sorry, but the guy wasn’t hurting so much and said that it would go away tomorrow. After sharing some gospel we left them and went on to go to the groundfloor. 
We passed by a cleaning lady so I went to her and asked if she had some pain. She admitted that her back was hurting, painlevel 5/10. When I prayed, the Holy Spirit touched her back and it was immediately healed. She was glad and I could share some gospel. I told her that Jesus healed her and that she should get to know God better as He was searching for her. We left her after some talking, knowing that she had to work. She was happy and said good bye.

We went one floor higher and asked many people, if they had pain but it was harder this time. While I was talking to some people, Pieter approached a person in a wheel chair. He asked the man if he had pain, why he couldn’t walk and if he would want to walk. Pieter explained that he believed that God was able to let that guy walk again. Peter asked if he could pray for it and the guy in wheelchair agreed.

I was talking to some African looking guys on my right side and two of them had pain in their knees. They let me pray for them ans the pain went away. I had a good conversation with them. When I was talking with them, I saw that Pieter had finished praying for the man in a wheel chair, so I invited him to join the conversation. We took a picture together and said good bye.


After that also Pieter and I said good bye and said that we would stay in contact  through skype etc.

When I arrived home to my wife and parents, I heard that my aunt had asked, if I would still have time to pray for her friend, who has a cancer. I was saying, that I don’t have time anymore to meet up, when my wife said: “But you can call him! It wouldn’t be the first time in God’s world when someone is healed through a phone call”. That was a good idea, so I called Francois (name changed) and commanded the cancer and sickness to leave his body (he is in treatment for cancer). We talked quite a long time and he also shared about his life story. I prayed few different times for him: He said that he would see a doctor tomorrow, so he would then know, if God healed him. (The day after, I received a message from my aunt that he was doing fine and that God doesn’t want to take him back yet. The doctor had said that Francois seems to be healed, but he wanted to make more tests to be sure. Amazing!! :D)














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