Wednesday 4.1.17, Travelling to Finland and meeting some cool youngsters

Today, my wife and I travelled back to Finland: Brussels-Munich, three hours of waiting, Munich-Helsinki, some waiting and one hour bus to my wife’s parents. We had three great encounters but also around 10 more people that I asked, but who didn’t have pain. You never know before hand who will be open and who not.

We arrived in Brussels airport and bought some chocolate for my wife’s parents. When we walked out of the shop, we were stopped by a guy in his fifties who asked if we could participate a 5 minute questionare about our buying experience. I thought: “Oh no, we don’t have time for this”. I wasn’t thinking about praying for people, just wanting to find the right gate. I tried to say that we don’t have time, but my wife answered him very cleverly and said: “If I take part to your questionare, can my husband ask you a question afterwards?”. “Sure!”, he answered and I knew what question my wife ment. After the questionary was done, he was ready: “So, what did you want to ask?”. I asked him if he had any pain. He said “yes, ..euhmm, why?”. I told that I believe that Jesus could heal him, “Can I pray for you?”. He agreed and told that his legs are hurting. I kneeled down and prayed one time. “How is it now?”, I aksed. He looked at us a bit surprised: “How do you do it? It’s like magic”. We talked a bit to him and gave a card of TLR-movie. My wife told him that it’s just the same as in Bible: Jesus and his followers prayed for sick and they were healed and that’s what we do too. “I do believe in Jesus but just in his ideas, not in his practise..” he said and my wife quickly answered: “Well, what about this practise, that your legs are now pain free” :D. “There’s something for you to think about”, I added. We wished him good day with a smile. Great opening we had! (Just like few weeks ago in train, a girl came to ask for pen and I gave her a pen and used the opportunity to ask if she had pain. She didn’t have, but why not ask? :D)

While sitting in our first plane to Munich I heard a couple talking in a Semitic language and I listened to hear if it was Hebrew (I have studied some Hebrew and I mostly use that as a starting point to open a good conversation.). In the end, I couldn’t recognize one word, so it might be Arabic. Pity! When the airplane had landed and everybody was taking their luggage and waiting to get out I took my chance and asked the husband if he could understand some English. His wife answered me so I asked her if she had any pain. She said yes, in her stomach, and I could pray for it. She put her own hand on the stomach and I touched her hand. I commanded the pain to go and it left already by the first prayer. The wife was very glad and explained with broken english that she has every now and then problems with stomach and her husband with headaches. I could also pray for the husband and after one he said it was better. Though just at the moment the doors had been opened and the queue was moving so they had to go. The wife thanked me with a smile and I wished them all the best. You have to do your best with the situation that you get (:
We came to the huge airport of Munich were we had more than 3 hours so we could take it easy. When we were searching for our next gate, I suddenly heard some American english and saw a group of young adults, maybe 18-23 y (I feel drawn to young people). I said to my wife that I’ll go and ask them “the question”. I asked if they’re from America and they happily said they are. I asked if they have any pain and one guy confessed he had pain in his knee. I shortly prayed for him and the pain immediately left him. I asked them if they knew who did this. Of course they knew: I got to know that they were a team from a Christain university, who was on their way to Greece to help refugees.

“Aah, wonderful! But if that’s the case, can I pray and bless you guys?”, I asked. “Sure that would be great!” They answered. I prayed for them and they also prayed a blessing over me. What a great Holy Spirit-led meeting! 

After the prayer, my wife joined us and introduced herself as my finnish wife, who I had already mentioned. She took a picture of us and joined the conversation. They were very amazed by my courage to talk to them and by God’s power. We told them more examples of God’s power and the people that we had met in Belgium and also about the questionary man from today. I encouraged them many times that they will see as much God’s power as they want if they’ll step out in boldness and that they have just the same Holy Spirit power to heal the sick. They were very happy to hear our stories. We shared our website with them and they also gave us a website of their project ( 
I like this! Jesus give me more of these divine meetings 😀

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