Saturday 7.1.17, “You have already prayed for my knee and it was healed”

On Thursday and Friday we were visiting my wife’s high school friends in Helsinki. I shared stories of healing with some of them, when ever they asked “so Tim, what have you been doing in Forssa?”. With some I had a good longer conversation.

Saturday was mostly just free time: playing some board games with my wife and taking it easy. We also went to get grocheries from Prisma. My wife was searching for the grocheries and I was searching for people to pray for. I said something like: “Do you have any pain? It’s a new year and who wouldn’t like to start it with a healthy body? That’s why I want to pray for people”. Many said no (around 10 people). Few answered positively “That’s such a nice thing, but I don’t have any pain”. Some were indifferent and some were cearly not interested and moved a bit further while I was just saying my first sentences.

I was with my wife picking some canned tomatosauce, when I saw and older man that I wanted to approach. He didn’t spoke english, though, so I asked my wife to interpret. My wife explained that I want to ask him if he has any pain. With a smile, he told openly that his neck is hurting every now and then, but his doing some exercises to prevent it. He didn’t have pain at the moment. “We are christains, and we want to pray for people, who have hurt”, my wife told him in finnish and asked if she can just very shortly pray for the neck, that the pain will not come back. He agreed with it and my wife put her hand on his neck and said in finnish: “In Jesus name I pray that the pain stays away and never comes back”. We wished him blessings and moved on with our grocheries. It was a nice friendly encounter, even if nothing big happened. It was still showing consern to a stranger (:

I asked one more girl while my wife took some nuts for us, but she happily answered, that she doesn’t have pain. We were then ready, so we paid our stuff and left the shop. Outside there were two young refugee guys who came towards the shop. I asked them, if they had any pain. “I’ve tried it already: you prayed for me! I had pain in my knee, but not anymore”, the other answered. That was surprising, because I didn’t recognize them 😀 I said something like: “Oh great, Thank you Jesus!”, and they said good bye and continued towards the shop.

It’s hard to know, how to continue from that. They have been healed, so they know it’s true, that Jesus heals, but still it doesn’t seem to affect their faith in any way. With one refugee friend, he has been healed already from stomach pain and tooth pain, but still when I tried to talk more about Jesus, he was just saying: “How can God have a son? God doesn’t have a wife or a son”. The Holy Spirit has to convince their heart, that’s the only way. Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet and that he could heal, but he died and that’s were the story ended. We believe (and have witnessed it many times) that Jesus is alive and still heals today through Christians. That’s the thing that we want to show them. That Jesus is alive. We are in the process of learning, but at the same time, we are getting to know more people and they are getting to know us (: Jesus commanded us to love God and love our neighbours: isn’t it loving to release them from their pain and show that God cares about them and wants to be in connection with them?

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