Sunday 8.1.17, Good conversations and one healing!

In the morning I went with my wife to the Pentecostal church in Forssa. At the coffee we had a really nice talk with a couple from our church, who are deaf (with the help of interpreter, since they sign). The lady is spreading the gospel amongst signing people: how cool is that! 😀 In the end of the sermon my wife had quickly shared a testimony of our friend Daniel (name changed): how he’s neck was healed, how he was baptized and how he was taken out to pray for sick people, who were healed. One lady asked prayer for her back after the coffee, since she has heard the testimony. I prayed for her in my normal very quick style “Back pain be healed, in Jesus name” and asked her to test it. My wife was interpreting, since that lady didn’t speak english. The pain was the same after the first few prayers. In total I prayed maybe 4 times, but there wasn’t much of a change. Also there seemed to be a different view of the situation. I’m used to pray in Jesus authority and then check, if the healing took place. What my wife understood from her, she wanted us just to focus to pray for a moment together (she prayed in tongues, while my short prayers) and then not really keep on checking on the out come. Because of this difference of views and barriers that interpretation brings, it was easier just to leave it after 4 prayers (even if the cronical back pain didn’t leave) and wish her blessings. I just believe, that we should pray in faith that God wants to heal, and we should keep on asking, keep on knocking!

After church we ate something and I told my wife that I still wanted to go to supermarkets close by to pray for people with pain. While I was walking pass a supermarket called PRISMA, I saw a refugee with his teenager son. I went to them and asked, if they had any pain. I love it that refugees are quick to admit that they do have some pain, which is in contrary with Belgian and Finnish people. The father (+50y) said that he had no pain but he was so happy to hear such a question and said that it was very friendly from me, and hoped to see me back some day later (when I was already at home, I realized, that I should’ve asked his contacts!!). His son didn’t look interested in the conversation and stood a bit further, looking a bit away.

I continued walking towards Citymarket, because I had the feeling that I had to go there today. In the shop I asked multiple people. A lot of the encounters ended up being a very good conversation, were I could share a lot about Jesus, and why we don’t see the life we ought to see in the church today. I could give them all a card of TLR, and many said they would check it out. I really hope that they will check it, because then they will know what this is all about. Maybe they would even see me again in the shop and let me pray for them.

After two hours I was alarmed by my cell phone that I needed to return to my wife because we would go to meet our refugee friends at Ystävän Kammari (there is a weekly gathering for foreigners on sundays). It was great to see our friends again after our three week trip to Belgium! 😀 Such nice people! It was also amazing to know that our friend couple from Iraq had been given a “green card”, which means that they could stay in Finland!

We played some Bingo in finnish and there were two guys at the same table, that we hadn’t met before. When we were all about to leave the place and got up from the table, I asked the new guys, if they had any pain. They looked a bit confused, since they didn’t understand so much English. Happily three of our friends from Iraq, who already have seen me healing somebody, interpreted to him in Arabic (they seemed to be explaining a bit more, but I didn’t understand it). What ever they said, it helped to encourage the guys and the other told, that his arm was hurting a bit and he pain was 2/10. He let me pray and after one prayer he admitted with an unbelieving smile, that the pain was gone!! 😀 Hallelujah! I knew this would happen, but didn’t know that it would go away from the first prayer. But God is a God of wonders and it is nice to see Him working again and again. I was especially happy that our 3 good friends from Iraq also saw it, so they are starting to know, that this is not a joke! 😀




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