Monday 9.1.17, Secondary school students and refugee friends

Today my wife started her internship of 4 months. Our flexible lives are turning a bit less flexible, since I’ll start my daily finnish course next monday. My only plan for the day was finnish course at 17:30 pm and of course before that I had great time to go out to meet people.

Around lunch time I decided to go to Prisma, the small shoppingmall close-by, because upper secondary school students come often to eat or hang out in the mall/pizzabuffet during their lunch pause. There were some teens standing before the shopping mall, so I asked if they had pain but none had. At the pizza buffet I asked group of youngsters if some of them had some pain. “No”, they said, but then someone pointed to a guy and said: “You had some pain, didn’t you?”. I told him, that I believed that he could be healed in the name of Jesus. He looked at me (a bit shyly) and said that he had a little pain. I asked him how much pain it was on the scale from 1-10 and he said it was 2. I asked him if I could pray for it and lay my hands on it, cause bible tells that “they shall put their hands on the sick and they shall recover”. The other students started to laugh a bit, but that didn’t harm me cause I was thinking:  “Oh, nice! Now they will see something. Jesus, make yourself great!” 😀

He had headache so I put my hand on his head and commanded the pain to leave. After one prayer I asked him again how it was and he said a bit silently that it was all gone.  Glory, hallelujah!! I told a bit more about Jesus but I saw they were not so interested and I didn’t want to scare them away. I decided to leave them after some encouraging words: “Jesus just healed you, isn’t he cool!?”. “Yes He is” he said. Another little gang of 3 boys joined them so I asked them too if someone had some pain. Two of them said no, but the third one said that he actually had a bit of troath pain. So I asked if I could pray for him because: “Jesus still lives and can heal  you. He just healed that boy from his headache”, and I pointed to the guy who was just healed. He agreed so I went to him and asked him if I could lay my hands on his troath because Jesus had commanded us. He looked a bit weird but finally said “yes”. I commanded all pain to go and after the second prayer it was a bit better (from painlevel 3-1), but after the third prayer he said it was gone. “Is it totally gone now?”, I asked and he said that it was. Hallelujaah! Again I shared some gospel but I was thinking that I should pray a bit more and ask God how could I make “the best” out of these short talks that I have with these students. I know that I’m his disciple and still have a lot to learn, but also that you won’t become a great fisher of men without starting to practise.

I went out of the mall and just wanted to pass by the secondary school of Forssa when the doors went open and one of my good refugee friends came out and said jokingly: “Aaaah, Timiiiiii!”. He came to me together with two of his friends who I had met yesterday in a multicultural gathering place, Ystävän kammari. They were all very happy to see me and I told them that Jesus had just healed two students.  Those two new refugee friends said some praising words about Jesus, like: “Yes, Jesus is the best (I don’t know for sure if they said it that way or another)”. Anyway I asked if they had pain and one of them had some pain in his eyes so I asked if I could pray, which was no problem for them. I put my hands on his eyes and commanded the pain to go. I asked how it was now, but he said he didn’t know because it comes and goes. I asked if he still had any pain in his eyes and he didn’t. I said that he should contact me if he still would have some pain because I didn’t know if he if he really understood what I just asked (You know, it’s not about me, Jesus said that all his followers can do these things. So, if you become his follower you can do the same things as I now did, because it’s not about me, but all about Jesus).  I asked them if they had pause and they happily said: “No no, we just saw you coming when we were looking out of the window, so we came”. “So you have lessons now?” I asked and they said “yes”. “Ooo, you’re such a nice but crazy guys, haha”  😀 I gave them a big hug, wished them goodbye and told them that they had to go to the classroom quickly before the teacher would become angry at them. They ran inside while waving me good bye. I really like them a lot! 😀

On my way home I met another refugee friend, who I know from the church I go to. He was phoning so I had to wait a bit before I could speak with him. When he finished the call we were both happy to meet and said hello. I told him about what just happend and he also said: “Yes, Jesus is great!”. I asked him if he was already baptised and had received the baptising of the holy Spirit but he had this year. I said to him that he can and should do the same things as I now had learned. Going around and pray for the sick, and share the gospel. I invited him for a coffee so we could speak more about it but he had no time today. “Later on we should meet up”, he said, “In some months we’ll have to move to another city” and by saying that to me I knew that I didn’t had to wait to long. I could even take him on the street together with me and do the same things!

It such an ufortunate thing that they can’t stay! They have gotten a place to stay in Forssa as asylum seekers, but now they will have to move away. All their new friends they made will now be history. For some it is not even the first time they have to move inside Finland. We’ll really have to pray, that God leads them!

In the evening I had to visit a Finnish course that I’m attending. I have made some good friends there and it’s always nice to see them! We had good talks and I could ask them over to play games at our appartment next week. Looking forward to meet them 😀

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