Tuesday 10.01.17, Keep on going!

Oh, what a nice day! I’m starting to like this kind of life more and more! Who wouldn’t like to give presents for free?! … at least I do!!

At 12.00 I left my house going to the small mall in Forssa (PRISMA). When I arrived I went immediately to the pizzabuffet cause that’s the place were the youngsters are sitting. I first asked a group of girls if someone had some kind of pain but no one had. They smiled a bit and that’s ok for me, even if it is more of a laughing smile like, “haha, Jesus, haha”. (That doesn’t hurt me or make me afraid, in contrary I love it when someone close to them has pain and they will see, that Jesus really heals!) No one had pain so I left after sharing some gospel.

I met a group of three teens when I was about to leave Prisma, so I asked them. One of the guys said “No”, and another looked at me and said: “Hmm.., so you are the missionary from Belgium who’s bringing here the light of the world?” I smiled and asked him first a question back: “are you a Christian”?. He said “yes”. I also asked his two friends if they were Christian so I could know in which way I could speak to them. They both said “no”. Then I answered the first guy that I had indeed the light of the world inside of me just like he had. I continued asking again the same question, “so no one has pain”?. They said no. I said that it was “in a way” a pity because if they would have pain they could witness Jesus’ healing power. They would know that Jesus is not dead but still lives. Since they didn’t have pain, I said to them: “You can be glad that you don’t have pain, but you should know that when you do have pain, you can ask your believing friend to pray for you! You have probably been hearing in school, that I’m standing here almost everyday to heal people in Jesus name, but the amazing thing is that it’s totally NOT about me. NO! It’s ALL about Jesus. So, if you have some kind of pain, you can ask your friend to pray for you!”. I showed the believing teen what he should do if one of his friends had neck pain and then asked them: “Isn’t that amazing?”. They were all quite amused and I had their full attention. They all said “Yes it is!”. I asked the believing guy if I could pray for him and he agreed, so I prayed for him in the middle of the Exit of Prisma and I could see that he was very happy with it! Now It was time to move on so we said goodbye and went our way. (Now that I’m home I am thinking, Aaaah, what a pity! I should have given my contact information to the believing friend. I could have asked if he would want to go with me on the street. But  yeah, I should be more aware of those things. I’m learning!!)

Then I went to Citymarket. There I had a lot of  very good and friendly conversations but no one had pain. Just one very skeptical guy who let me pray just once, but didn’t want to check it cause he didn’t believe (Though, I could feel my hand getting warmer when I put my hand on his back commanding the pain to leave). I said: “No problem”, and left. Now I know that I actually should have said that he could know that God had healed him, if tonight he wouldn’t have pain anymore.


Before I went out I saw that there was a foreign looking guy working at a sandwich shop (see the pic on the left). I feel quite compelled to those guys so I went to him and asked if he had some pain in his body. He smiled and said that he doesn’t have pain at the moment but was very thankful that I asked. He said that he had another problem: that he didn’t sleep so well. I asked if I could pray for his sleep which he agreed on. I shortly prayed for him and the guy looked very happy and said that I should take one of the biscuits he was selling. I asked him how much I owed him, but he said “No, that’s for you!”. I smiled and thanked him and started to walk home.


Prisma was on my way home, so I walked through it and went straight to the Pizzabuffet to check if there were still some people that I could ask. I like to talk especially with teenagers. When I lived in Belgium a pastor of an international church once prophesied for me that I should concentrate on a specific group of people. He said that in faith I was like a “Hulk”, but I could be more effective If I would concentrate my force on a specific group of people (I had to know who, but that was very easy for me cause at that time I teached only to teenagers at school and was a teenage leader at my church). Now this prophesy popped up in my mind again. Just like Paul was sent especially to the gentiles, so I feel that I’m sent to teenagers. That doesn’t stop me to pray for adults or older people of course. Paul also spoke and taught to Jews. It’s just my focus. And it is quite special in a way, because with this group you have the most extreme reactions, from: “Aaah, go away!” or  “WAAAW! What is this???”. With them you at least find direct communication 😀 The sad part is that it is quite a struggle to get them to (even) tell you if they  have pain. But that’s obviously the group where I should put my focus on. Thanks Holy Spirit for giving me direction!

I went through Prisma and saw one of my new refugee friends sitting at the buffet so I went to him and said “Hei, mitä kuulu” (Hey, how are you). I asked him if he had any pain and he smiled and said that he had some in his upperback. It was quite severe cause he said that it was painlevel 7. I asked if I could pray for it which he agreed on. I prayed the first time and asked him how it was now, but he couldn’t make that very clear to me so I said that I just could pray a second time and after that all pain was gone. I asked him “how much pain do you have now?”. He didn’t react very much but he said “no pain”. He also told that his stomach hurt and I should pray for it, so I did. The pain left immediately! Hallelujaah! 😀 He looked happy and said that he had to go, so we said good bye. He was glad that he was better, I was glad that at least one person get healed in this “outreach” 😀

I went back home and saw a teenage girl standing still before the Lutheran church. I felt a bit sorry that just one person was being healed in these two hours, but I had some really good conversations.  It is not the same, but I should be happy I was thinking. The word of the pastor went again through my mind so I decided to go to the teenage girl. Indeed she was not a believer but listened very open to everything I told her. I could even give her a TLR-card with a reference to the movie. She said that she would watch it. I returned home with a happy heart.


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