Wednesday 11.1.17, Oeps, accidently at the wrong place, or not?

In the morning I was listening to Poya Shahsavari his encouraging words just to ” go out whatever your feelings tell you”. It was an amazing message he gave! A message about boldness!

At 12h, I left my home to go to PRISMA and Citymarket and then to end up in KELA (office of social insurance and stuff). This would probably take some time, but I was looking forward to see God move.

                                         Prisma                                                                 Citymarket

I first stopped at the shopping mall were you can find Pizza buffet and Prisma. I went in and went straight to the teens at Pizza buffet but no one had pain. The good thing was that I saw a christain guy, who I had met yesterday (he had heard about a “belgian missionary” and asked if it was me :D). There he was sitting on a bench with one of his friends. I went to him and said hello. I also said that I wanted to give him my contact information so that he could send me a mail when he would have questions after seeing the TLR-movie or if he would want to see the Bible getting “alive”. He could one day go with me on the street and he would see! 😀 I gave him a paper with my contact informations and wished him a good day.

I went to all the tables with some teens from school but no one had pain. Even if they don’t have pain, the good thing is, that I have good conversations with them. I genuinely hope that on one day I will meet a lot of people who are open for the gospel and want to sit down for a coffee with me so that I can explain the gospel in a better, less stressfull way. After I had asked all the teens, I left the restaurant area.

I continued my way to Citymarket. On the way I asked some people if they had pain and if I could pray for them. They are always a bit suprised but when I tell them that I’m a Christian and I just want to do what Jesus had asked his disciples to do; (Math. 28:19, Marc. 16:15-18; Luc. 10 & Joh. 4:31-38; Joh. 15) their answer tells me a lot about their belief and how to contiue talking to them. In Citymarket I went around but found no people to pray for. Sometimes they said had some pain, but when I asked if I could pray for it they always said no and went away. What a pity! I asked a lot but today was clearly a bad day for fishing.

Now it was time to go to Kela. I came in to the office and saw an African man (he was from Nigeria) sitting there, so I took place next to him and asked if he had any pain. He didn’t have pain so I told him why I asked this. He said that he is from Nigeria, the country with the most churches. He didn’t know if he was a christian himself because he had some problems with those pastors in these churches who had their privet jet, but even though he had always paid his tithes, they never helped him when he had problems. I told him that: “Jesus wouldn’t agree with the behaviour of those rich pastors. Jesus would help you. Those pastors ought to give a good example and follow the Master (Jesus) who didn’t even had a place to stay. But you have to know, that churches are not God! God doesn’t live in church buildings, he lives in our hearts! That’s why I believe,  we should go back to the house churches, like in the early church. Goming together in houses doesn’t cost a lot of money (churches nowadays have big expensive buildings), they don’t cost a lot of work (the church has to be cleaned etc.) and they keep every one active (on contrary a lot of church people are just warming their seets)”. He totally agreed. I gave him a TLR card and said that he had to see the movie and the many short video’s from healings that are happening all over the world cause Jesus is still alive and heals also today through believers. “That’s why I asked you if you had pain, because Jesus told us to heal the sick”, I said, but then the bell rang and he had to go.  We said goodbye and I wished him a happy moving (he would move to Tampere tomorrow).

While I was waiting for my turn, a person with crutches came in. I asked if he understood English and if I could pray for his legs. He agreed. I prayed a first time for his legs and it was a bit better, but the bell rang and it was my turn to go to speak withvsomeone from Kela. I quickly went inside and after telling my issue to the office lady, she said that I’m in the wrong place since I should give my document to the Labours office. I went back to the guy with his crutches to continue praying. There was a homeless looking guy sitting next to him who didn’t seem to like it that I prayed for him because he made a lot of noise and tried to disturb the guy with crutches when I was speaking to him. I knew that I had to leave soon cause I don’t want to be there when people don’t want me. So I asked the guy if I could just pray one more time for it because he still had some little pain. After the prayer he said the pain was gone. God is good! I gave him a TLR card and told him that he had to check them out and see what is going on because Jesus still lives and don’t want people to have pain or sickness.

After that I went back home. My wife returned from her work and later in the evening we went together to Prisma to do some grocheries. My wife went first to a clothing shop and I went to Prisma to ask people if they had pain and if I could pray for it. I asked a lot of people, and I met two, who were really open and with whom I could share a lot! The first couple was unbelieving but was interested in what I had to say. I could speak a lot to them and give them a TLR movie card. They were very happy with it. It was a nice encounter, even though they didn’t have any pain and couldn’t experience the power of the gospel concretely. I pray that they will see the movie and that God will touch them and they would become disciples of Jesus!
Next very good conversation was with a woman who aswered my question with a question: “How do you know that I have pain?”. I said that I go to everybody I meet and ask them if they have pain, because I believe that Jesus doesn’t want people to be with pain. She said she had lots of pain and therefore took a lot of medication. I prayed for her, but since she had taken her medications, she couldn’t test it. I gave her my contact information and told her that she could write me an email if she wasn’t healed so that we could meet to pray again, because I believe that sometimes we just need to continue and press on. I could see that she was VERY happy. We said good bye and I in my mind I thanked God for those encounters! The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few… It makes me so happy to give free gifts for people. I believe that this is the most amazing thing we can do! The only thing we have to do is go out of the church buildings and go on the street! I believe that we have to go to the people and meet them were they are!

I love it!




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