Friday 13.1.17, “Really, the pain is gone!”

At night I was thinking that I don’t want to be settled anywhere. My house is in God and who knows where God will call us (my wife and I). I don’t want to be stuck with a house that I have to pay off the rest of my life. No, I trust in God that He will provide! God is faithful. He hasn’t changed: if He could provide for the Israelites who He lead out of Egypt, He can provide for us, that I’m sure of!

Around 10 o’clock I left on foot to the library to print a document. Around 10.30 I came in but still had to wait because the library opened actually at 11h. When I got in, I printed what I needed and went for a coffee to library’s café. I greeted the lady working there (she knows me since I’ve went there many times) and asked if she had any pain and if I could pray for it. She didn’t have, so I also asked a foreign looking guy who was helping her. He had pain, 5 from 10, and he let me pray for him. After the second prayer the pain was still the same. After the third prayer it was at pain level 4 but after the fourth prayer I said: “All last pain, I command you to go!” and all paian went away! 😀 Halleluja! I could make a nice picture from them but the lady didn’t want me to publish it.

I was very happy and went to give in some papers at Kela office. After I had done that It was already 12 o clock. Last days at Prisma and Citymarket weren’t so life changing, so I was thinking of going home. I could also then eat at a good hour. But while I was walking, I started to think that actually it doesn’t have to look like a big thing in my eyes. It is God/Holy spirit who does the job and has the responsibility, I’m just sowing the seed. I changed my mind and decided to go to Prisma for the last time at lunch hour, because I’ll start a new Finnish course the next monday, which will be 6h a day!

I went into the small shopping mall, Prisma, and straight to the pizza buffet to look for some secondary school students who might have a pause. I saw some students, but when I approached them they already said: “No pain, thanks” … at least, some said thanks! So I went into the grocery store instead and saw two Middle-East looking guys (father and son) standing at the clothes area. I asked them if I could ask a strange question. They said happily “yes” (mostly those refugees/ people from Middle East are very open to speak to you. Finnish people are more like Belgians and would rather keep quiet).

prisma-13-01-17I asked if either of them had pain and the son said that his father had a lot of back pain, 7 from 10. When I asked if I could pray for him he looked very happy and said “of course”. I prayed one time and he checked his back very thoroughly, but the pain went down with just one degree, from 7 to 6. The second time it stayed the same, the third time it went down to 5 and after the fourth time the pain was gone. I asked “Really, all gone?”, and he answered: “Yes, no pain any more!”. “Do you know who did it?” I asked and he said “No”. I told it was Jesus. They both smiled and said: “Yes, yes. We are Muslims, so we believe in Jesus.”. They had to go so I couldn’t really speak much more, but I was able to give them a TLR-movie card and they promised to watch the movie. I pray that Jesus will touch them when they’ll watch the movie. Those video clips of healing and other movies of Jesus are really strong for Muslim people! For example, the Jesus movie “The Passion of the Christ”: Lot of people from the Middle-East have been saved just by seeing the movie. I pray that this will have the same effect!

I was about to go out of the mall but I was passing a group of three girls so I thought, well lets ask them: “Can I ask you a question?” “Yes…”, they said and were interested to hear, what I had to say. “Does any of you have pain?”, I asked and they looked at me a bit amused. The first girl said, “Nooo” and also the second girl said, “No, not today”. Then I looked at the third girl who was a bit Eastern looking. She said: “Hmmm, yes.. actually my stomach hurts a bit”. I asked her how much it hurts from a scale 1-10 and she said 5. I asked if I can pray for her, because I believe that the pain will go away in Jesus name. “Jesus, pfff” she reacted and laughed quietly, but added: “Yes, you can”. I instructed her to lay her hand on her stomach, and I would put my hand on her hand and pray. So I laid my  hand on hers and commanded all pain to leave. She looked at me for two seconds and then looked at her girlfriends: “Waaaat! I have no pain anymore!! Really ,it’s gone!”. I told her that Jesus just showed her that he exists still today and that he wants to save her. “How can you be saved? By asking forgiveness for your sins and turn away from them. Basically, turning the other direction. You know that since you were a child, there is a desire in you to do the things that are forbidden. Well, that’s what bible calls ‘your sinful nature’ and that’s what needs to die. How? By getting baptized in water on your own faith. So being baptized as a baby doesn’t count. And lastly, God will give you the Holy Spirit, so that you can live a super natural life where he is leading you. When you have done that you can do the same as I now did: to pray for people and see them getting healed. Isn’t that amazing???”. They were nodding and seemed to be receiving my words. I said that I could talk more and take more time for them if they wanted, but I saw that they were quite in a hurry, so I said good bye and said that God would let us meet again, if someone from them wanted to talk more. (Now I’m thinking, that I should’ve said that if they had some questions, they could ask any Christian, not just me. At that point it just didn’t come to my mind. Tja, I’m learning every day.)

Then I stepped outside of the mall and my refugee friend Ahman came and said “Hey Timi!”. I answered: “Aaah, Mitä kuulu? Onko sinulla kipuja? (How are you? Do you have pain?)”. As always, he didn’t have any pain, but then another of my new refugee friends came to me and said: “I have a lot of pain in my neck and I have to go to sport!”. I asked him if I could pray for him, but he said that he didn’t have much time. I said that it would be very quick and he agreed! I quickly laid my hands on his neck and commanded the pain to go and all pain left after the first prayer! Hallelujah! I hugged my new friend and he said “Thank you, thank you!”. He was very happy and said good bye and left smiling.


Oooh, this is so nice! I like this life! I love to talk about my Saviour and by healing people, they mostly become very open and want tohear what you’re saying. You have their attention as never before 😀 AMAZING it is! Full of joy I went back home! In the afternoon we took a bus to Hämeenlinna to my wife’s parents and we of course told many fun and nice testimonies from the week and from the Christmas time. It was fun sharing the amazing things that God has been doing!







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