Saturday 14.1.17, Kickstarting my father-in-law! :D

I had already previously wanted to go to Goodman (a big shoppingmal in Hämeenlina) and today it was possible at last! I asked my father-in-law, if he would want to come with me and be Kickstarted and he was happy to join me! He is a pastor in a Pentecostal church, so praying for sick people was not new for him, but he hadn’t really been doing it on the street before.

We went to the Goodman shopping mall around 11.30. We had decided to go around for one hour and ask people if they had some kind of pain and meanwhile my mother-in-law would do some grochery shopping.

While driving towards the shopping mall we prayed together that God would be in control today as we would act on his word and ask people if they had pain and if we could pray for them. In the end Jesus wants to send us out “as sheep among the wolves” (Luk. 10:3-4). “So father here we are, come and use us. Show your glory!”

When we came to the shopping mall, we first met an older woman agoodman-14-01-17-3nd a middle aged man sitting on a bench. I asked if they spoke english, but they spoke just a little bit, so my father in law interpreted what I said to them. I asked if they had any pain. They both had some backpain, but not at the moment. Their backs would start hurting, when ever they had to bend a lot in their every day life. I asked if we could pray for them, even if they didn’t feel the pain then and there. They gladly agreed. My father-in-law said: “I can pray for the older women while you are praying for the man”, which was a good idea. After the prayer, my father-in-law talked with them about God in Finnish. After we left them, he told that the older woman had been very happy that we came to pray for them. The middle aged man had also looked happy and had nodded all the time. Great! 😀

We went on to search for people with pain. After some searching, we spoke to another middle-aged man who said he had some mental problems and some pain in his stomach. My father-in-law interpreted and said that I should pray for him, so I did. After two or three prayers (I don’t remember the exact amount) the pain left. My father-in-law spoke some encouraging words to him.

We continued searching for more people and we found a teenager who had some back pain. He started to smile, when I asked if I could pray for him and told that I believe that God doesn’t want him to have pain. “I believe that you will be without paigoodman-14-01-17-2n when I command the pain to go, because God promises in his word that whatever you ask in my name, it will be given unto you so that the name of my father may be lifted hight”, I continued. He agreed that I could pray for him. When I prayed for the first time he was still smiling and said that it was already a lot better (It went from pain level 6 to pain level 5: that doesn’t sound so much though). I said that all pain has to leave and that he could be honest with me. I Prayed again and the pain went down to pain level 1 or 2! So I prayed still one more time and commanded all the last pain to go in Jesus name. The guy was shining more and more and said that all the pain was gone!! My father-in-law and I shared some gospel with him and the guy was very happy about everything we said (and what we had done) 😀 He would check out the movie, which I spoke about (I gave him theTLR card) and we said good bye.

We asked lots of people but we could pray only for one more person. He had some neck pain, but after the first prayer all the pain already left him. He was very thankful and my father-in-law (who is a pastor) spoke more with him. In the end we said good bye and went our way.

It was time for a break, we went to a café. Also there I asked some people in their 20s if they had any kind of pain, but no one had or wanted to admit. We sat down and spoke about everything that had happened. We were both very glad that we had seen God at work.

The rest of the saturday was family time with my wife’s siblings, mom and step father. We played games and had a lot of fun 😀 It was a great day, since I got to go out to pray for people for 1-2 hours and still we had the rest of the day for social time with family!

I have a very good relationship with my father-in-law and actually the first “big” healing I’ve been part of was when his christain mother came for a funeral in Hameenlinna and my wife and I were also there. I saw her sitting with a cane in the kitchen and since we had seen already 5 or 6 Pioneer School lessons, I felt compelled to ask her if I could pray for her (because you should put into practise what you’ve learned). After 3 or 4 prayers, her back got healed and with tears rolling down of her cheeks she said that she was so happy she had come for the funeral from so far. She said, “Now I know, why I had to come!!”. Ooh, halleluja! It meant the start for something I have been chasing for a long time. More than 5 years ago I had to fill in a card from my church in Belgium, where I wanted to grow in. I wrote down: “The manifestation of God’s power by means of  wonders & signs. Effective evangelisation”. Isn’t that Wonderful?!! God has really heard my yearning! AMAZING! This is the God I serve!!


You know, I have always been a “hungry person”, wanting more and more of God. I know that I know that I know, that God is alive and wants to save all people. Still I also understand people who don’t want to believe in Christ, when they haven’t seen God’s power in their personal lives. We’re living in a “fake world” where every advertizement screams: “This is the ABSOLUTE BEST PRODUCT YOU CAN EVER HAVE!” Why should people believe us if they haven’t experienced God themselves? I can quite understand them and feel a lot of empathy towards them, because they don’t know God and haven’t experienced Him. Paul says that “the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power” (1Cor. 4:20) and I came at a point were I really was crying out to God: “Come and show yourself to the people all around”. God really  did answer me, but it happened after I started to take the first steps. Its like God told me: “I want to show myself to people, but now Jesus, my son, is sitting here next to me and I need You to be my hands and feet and to show everyone that I’m still alive! I gave you my Holy Spirit, the same as I gave to my son Jesus. I didn’t give Jesus a big Holy Spirit and you just a little Holy Spirit. No! I’m sending you out as sheep among the wolves, but I am with you!”

4 thoughts on “Saturday 14.1.17, Kickstarting my father-in-law! :D

  1. Well, this is just extraordinary. I did find this blog more or less accidentally and now when I am reading these blog entries I realize that two of them are talking about me!
    I am that “christian guy” mentioned a few blog entries ago, and this just odd how I did stumble here when I was just surfing the internet. Perhaps it was not an accident?
    Nevertheless, I would like to sit down with you and talk about christianity, if that is possible?


  2. It’s in reality a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that
    you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this.
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hey Maurrice. I send you much greetings and a big thanks for your encouraging words. Sorry for my late reply, I need to check my “spam” quicker cause there I found your reaction . Blessings, Tim&Anni


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