Start of the week 15-18.1.17, New daily routine!

We have concluded lately, that sunday is mostly the day that not many things are happening. On Sundays we go to “church” (though, we ARE church every second of our week) and praise God and mostly meet either my wife’s family or our refugee friends. A week ago my wife and I had a discussion about church: what is the best way to have fellowship? Are traditional churches as effective as it can be, or would it be more efficient to come together with a smaller group of people in homes? We have been talking about it already before, that when we would possibly move back to Turku next autumn, we would want to have a gathering in our home. We also looked to many short and long youtube videos about he pros and cons of house churches/ simple churches.

During the last week I felt that the Holy Spirit said to me that for the time we live in Forssa we should stay in the Pentecostal church where we have already been going to. I’m not saying that”Big churches” are bad, but since past few months I’ve started to believe that there is a more succesful way to make disciples and to support others to do it too. In the end, that’s the goal we are striving for, isn’t it? (see Math. 28:18-20)

What else can I tell about sunday? Maybe that the grandmother of my wife didn’t feel a change when I prayed for the mobility of her arm (it wasn’t the first time I prayed for it, and for some reason it doesn’t work). I prayed just three times. Her arm has been stiff and not going higher than her shoulder for 30 years. She seems to be quite ok with it, since she’s so used to it. We have to continue, even if people don’t always get healed.

Since we were in Hämeenlinna for the weekend, we went to an international church there. After church we went for a coffee with my wife’s siblings and father and his wife, Tina (name changed).  Sadly Tina had fell a week ago or so, and her elbow had fractured. There was a robot-looking thing around her left arm from the shoulder to her wrist and an arm sling. I asked her, if she felt pain at the moment and she said “Yes, I do!”. I immediately asked if I could pray for it and she said (in contrary of all expectation) “..ehm, yes, you can”. I stood up and walked to her on the other side of the table and laid my hands on her arm (first to the wrong arm, haha). I asked the painlevel and it was 5 or 6 from 10. I commanded the pain to go and asked how it was. She said, “the same”, so I laid my hand for the second time on her arm and commanded the pain to go (I didn’t speak at all loudly since we were in a cafeteria and I didn’t want to make her feel embarrassed). The pain was still “the same” as before, but before I could pray again, she said that it was all gone! “Really, no pain anymore?”, I asked and she said “no” and thanked me. Glory to God! 😀 She’s not a christain and more towards an atheist, if I’ve understood correctly. She didn’t react in a big way but I believe that the pain really did go away! I also gave her a TLR-card when we were saiying good bye outside. She didn’t seem super eager, but she took it politely. I really hope that she will check it, because it truly has a power to change her life!!

On Sunday evening we had again a super nice time in a gathering with refugee’s in Forssa! Some of them are really our dear friends and we get to know new people every now and then. This time there was no opportunity for prayer, but our friends have already seen it with their own eyes (:

On Monday I had the first day of my new Finnish lessons that are 6 h per day. I like it, but most of all, I like all the new contacts I make there! I’m really happy with that, because the course helps me to speak better Finnish and I get to know more people. 16-18-01-17When I came home around 14 o’clock, I rested for one hour and then went out to meet people. I spoke with some guys but no one had pain (also a good conversation with the youngsters in the pic). Still, I had some really good conversations and I gave them a TLR-movie card and my contact information (sometimes I forget to give my contacts, even if the person is open. It’s just hard to remember everything that I want to say and do in those situations. The more I get relaxed with the whole situation the more things I remember to do and say. It’s all about practise!!).

Tuesday I had my second day at the Finnish course: it looks fun! Our class will be around 16 people and there is one couple were the husband doesn’t walk so good. I know I will ask him one day if I can pray for him. Now I’m building relationship because that’s a good bridge to transport the message (of the Cross). Looking forward to what will come out of that! But I know, God is in control and I just have to learn to hear him better and better.
When I went home and left after an hour to Prisma I felt that I would meet some people were I could “minister” to. The first man I saw entering the shoppingmal was a 70-year old man with a cane. I asked the guy what has happened and he gladly explained. I told him about my accident (I was hit by a car as 16 years old and ended up being in coma for 2 months) and how God had intervened. I asked, if I could pray for him, because I believe that God can totally heal him. “How long will it take?”, he asked. He said that he didn’t believe in “that stuff”, but I could pray for it for 5 seconds if that would make me happier. Of course it would make me happy: doing the will of Jesus always makes me happy! I prayed for him and asked him if he could try it and walk without the cane towards me and tell me if the pain was still there. He tried it, then laughed and said, “no pain!”. He started to talk about some other things and I gladly listened to him. I asked few times more if all the pain was gone and he said it was! I have to believe him even though it felt a bit strange, because, he was so against Jesus and stuff but now he said that all the pain was gone. I forgot to point that out to him, but it’s maybe better to let the Holy Spirit do that work. Sometimes I do ask them, how can they explain what just happened to them and they can’t. I can then point to Jesus, who they don’t believe in, but whose power they have just experienced through healing! After a long talk he thanked me a lot for having the time to listen. A quite interesting story it was! 😀

Wednesday I went out around 17.30-19.30. At that hour it was already dark outside, but I felt the urge to go. Jesus sais: “Go out (!)”. I was thinking “Even though I wouldn’t meet many people that I can talk to, I know I have at least ONE REALLY GOOD encounter that is worth the effort every time I go out”. citymarket2I went first to Prisma, but no one was open for prayer. Some told that they have some pain, but when I asked them if I could pray for them, they quickly wanted to go. This is such a pity because I really felt that God would’ve healed them!  For example there was a women in the shop who was walking a bit strangely. I felt inside of me that I should go and ask the woman what she had and if I could pray for her. I asked her first if she had any pain. She smiled at me and said that she had fallen on her hip on her Judo course yesterday. I asked if I could pray for her, because I believe that it would go away. When I mentioned Jesus, she friendly said that she doesn’t really want someone to pray for it. She told that she has some friends who are Christian and who probably also were praying for her. I said: “Ok, I respect your choise and I hope you’ll be better soon”and then we said goodbye with a smile. What a pity. I’m sure she would’ve been healed.

After Prisma I went to Citymarket. I didn’t find people to pray for there, so I walked back and just walked through Prisma again on my way home. When I was almost going out of Prisma I saw a youngster sitting down on a chair and another leaning against the wall. I asked them how they were doing and the one leaning against the wall said that it wasn’t going well with him. I asked him why and he said because he had a bad relationship with his parents and was addicted on drugs. I asked him if I could pray for him and he agreed. I also asked him if he had other pain but he didn’t have. While I prayed for him, his friend stood a bit further. He was keeping an eye on what was happening, though he wasn’t showing any interest in it. I gave him the TLR-movie card… but forgot to give him my contacts! (what a pity, I do pray that God will lead us to meet again, because I want him to know that he can always call me when he wants to talk to someone). The young boy (maybe 15 y) was very pleased that someone was listening to his story. I gave him a big hug and we said good bye.



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