Thursday 19.1.17, Everybody is important!

I came home from my Finnish course at 14 h and the sun was happily shinging. I rested a bit at home and then went for my lovly PCP (Prisma-Citymarket-Prisma) visit.

I was very happy because I got home from the course more than an hour earlier than normally and could use that time to go out when it was still light. I went first to Prisma but walked through it (I passed my refugee friend) to go immediately to Citymarket. When I came out of Prisma I saw two youngsters (13y) with their bikes. I asked them if they had any pain but neither of them had. I explained why I asked this question (because I believe in God and in Jesus’ healing power) and I could see that they were both interested (the older one more than the other). So I kept on talking about lots of things and could give them a TLR-card and my contact info. They said they would both watch the movie. Hallelujah! What a nice start.


I went over the bridge up to Citymarket but found no one to pray for. Only a worker from the shop who let me pray for his back. After the firt prayer the painlevel had dropped from 4 to 2. I wanted to pray again but he refused. A pity, because I believe that the pain would’ve surely left. There’s a lot healings were the pain first leaves for “a bit”, and after some more prayers it leaves totally. Still, I could understand that he was at work and couldn’t really make time for this 😦

When I arrived at Prisma there was a guy with his back standing against the wall. I asked him if everything was ok and he gladly said it was all ok. He also told me how difficult it was for him since he couldn’t speak Finnish still and couldn’t get a job because of that: he had been already 1.5 years in Finland. I knew that it’s a hard situation, so I listened to the whole story. When I asked him if he had pain he said: “Yes, in my knees”. I asked him which pain level and he said 5/10. I prayed for him and asked if he could feel the pain, but he didn’t feel it anymore. He said that the pain would mostly come in the night. I told him that he should call or text me tomorrow to tell how the night had been. I told that I would talk more then and he agreed. O Jesus, this person looks so open, lead him back to me!!! Please let him respond.




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