Friday 20.1.17, Refugee friends and encouraging youth from church

After finnish course I did some house work, so I went a bit later to Prisma. When I left home, it was already around 15.30. My wife was already in Prisma (or in some shops in the small shopping mall) searching for some clothes. When I was passing the upper secondary school that is next to Prisma, there was again a bunch of my refugee friends who came to say hi to me! Some of them came to tell that they have pain even before I had time to ask 😀 Great, they’re making my job much easier!

So what I still remember was that one of them had a bad headache: I asked how much did it hurt and started to pray for it. Nothing was changed after the first short prayer, but with the next two prayers there was both times some change towards better. At the fourth prayer it all went away! Great! Then one of his friends had some back pain and pain in his underlegs. I prayed for both and the pain went away just after one prayer! Hallelujah! A third guy came to me and said that he also had some pain were I could pray for! Amazing! 😀 I prayed for it two times and all the pain left him. I could share more about Jesus and the Gospel to them than ever before! They had to leave so I couldn’t take someone to a café to tell the Gospel even more in detail, but I told them that now they had all seen that Jesus heals and is still alive and I told them that they should make a decision, who they want to follow.

img_20170120_182332.png After meeting them, I went in to Prisma and found my wife. We walked towards the grochery store, but when we were about to pass the doors, there came in three girls and one of them had a crutch. My wife got it right away, that I’ll talk to them and walked a bit further (she’s starting to get used to it, that surprising situations come up all the time: I might for example go to talk to somebody in the middle of her sentence.. :D). I asked the tall girl with the crutch if she had some pain but she answered: “Don’t you remember? I had two crutches, but you prayed for me and it got better and now I just have one any more! Thanks a lot for it!”. I asked if I could pray again, so that Jesus could make her walk without crutches, but she didn’t want that (her friends were around her and it seemded that she didn’t want me to talk about Jesus). Aah, peer pressure!!

In the evening we joined a youth evening at our Pentecostal church. I also played drums, but the most important was that we told stories from the past weeks and months about what God has done and how he has changed our lifes. We also showed them a very motivating 2-minute video This is discipling. My wife shared, how she has been growing: how in the first times, when I wanted to pray for some passer-by in the shop she just froze and how now she can join me in conversations with people or even approach people in finnish when needed. We tried our best to point out that reaching people and making disciples is for everybody and you’ll never reach the goal, if you don’t start practising and taking the first shaky steps!!