Saturday 21.1.17, Going out with the youth

Saturday was a Kickstart day. Miika and Janica Kaunismäki (20 years) came all the way from Vaasa, which is 320 km from Forssa. The youth pastor of Pentecostal church in Forssa had invited them, so we had a kickstart day with some youth. At 10 o’clock we came together for a teaching and encouraging session.

They are such an amazing couple! They have been going out on the streets for 2,5 years already and they have seen hundreds of people healed. They married last August and during their 5 week honeymoon/being led by the Holy Spirit -trip in Europe they also healed sick, casted out demons and baptized people! 😀 Crazy amazing!! Their courage and boldness is something to admire! Miika was also last spring 2 months in the Pioneer Training School in Denmark and they have both been part of many TLR Kickstart events in Europe and they have organised some kickstarts in Finland too! They are really going for God 100 % and preaching the Gospel with the help of signs and wonders. I have got some critics from people, that The Last Reformation, where I got my motivation, is all about miracles: it’s so not true! Miika and Janica was pointing out very well (as I always try to do too), that healing is just a tool to make people interested and open to Gospel by showing God’s power and presence to them.

After worship and maybe 1 hour session of examples of going on the streets and other encouragements, we went out to the city center in three groups. Every group had somebody, who has already prayed for people who were healed, so that they can show an example and help those who try it out for the first time. I went out with the youth pastor (in the picture below) and another pastor (who had to leave quite quickly).

In the beginning the pastors started to have good conversations with older woman what was impossible for me to follow. Sometimes I asked someone else who was close to me if they had pain but no one had. After a half an hour we were still with two. The youthpastor and me.


When we went to Citymarket, we actually met a christian romanian man, who I had met already months before. I had prayed for his back, which got healed and also I blessed his small children. He was very glad to meet us and told us that after my prayer his children have been behaving better and and been calmer 😀 It was great to reconnect! He was also encouraged by seeing us! He said he had again some pain in his back so I could pray for it. I prayed for it and the pain left with the first of second prayer, i do not remember correctly anymore. He said that this had to be God leading this encounter cause he just made up his mind to go to Helsinki in the afternoon. Now that we gave him a paper with an invitation for the evening session of M&J he felt that he should go to the meeting. In the end he didn’t come which is a pity.

At 13h we got together to eat in a Pizza buffet. We had a good time to share about the people whe had met or prayed for: Many people didn’t have any hurt, didn’t want prayer, or who just let us pray once. Eventhough nothing big happened all of us had nice encounters. People were polite and respectful toward us. Many people, who don’t go on the streets to evangelize or pray for people are afraid that people will be unpolite or aggressive. Happily 90% of the people are polite and respectfull. When we were about to leave, I still talked with a young man, who came to the restaurant, but he didn’t want prayer (see the pic). Also, when arrived to the church, I saw a woman on the parking lot who was having a cigarette (see the pic). I  went to ask her, but she didn’t need prayer. I just want to encourage, that it’s possible to ask all kinds of people in all kinds of situations 😀 Receptionists, cleaners, people sitting next to you in plane/tram/train/bus, people you see on the street, etc. You just have to be open for the situation when it comes!


After that we had some lazy time and at 4 o’clock we had again singing and teaching. Janica shared us “Cups&Cookies”, a very concrete way to explain Gospel from the creation till now. The thing is, that with many people I pray for, I can only share something about God or just a very quick version of Gospel. When somebody would have more time and be open, it’s good go with them to a café to talk a bit more and explain the full gospel (Decide to follow Jesus: Repent=turn away from your sins and old life, be baptized, get the Holy Spirit) and maybe share your own testimony. I’m really waiting for those situations to come!!

Miika and Janica still taught more starting from 7 o’clock. They also told, that when they were in upper secondary school, they asked a permission from the Principal to arrange an hour presentation/talk about christianity. They were wondering, if anybody would come (or maybe just their friends), but 160 peers came!! Miika and Janica told them testimonies from the street and about their lives and in the end they asked those who were hurting, to come to be prayed for: for example somebody with migrane and somebody with pain in their shoulder got healed before their eyes 😀 WOW!


Worship and Janica and Miika in the front row


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