Sunday 22.1.17, Be a disciple

The morning service at the Pentecostal church was great! Miika and Janica Kaunismäki (20 years) were preaching, which means telling testimonies and pointing out, how we really should have the identity of a disciple, not just a believer or christain. The word “disciple”, which means apprentice, is 250 times in the New Testament, while the word “christain” is only three times. Whenever Jesus talks to disciples, he talks to us! He talks to us when he tells disciples to ‘love one another’, ‘abide in Him’, but also, when he commands them to heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the gospel. Also they reminded us well, that when we want to see how to live as a disciple and how to make disciples, we can’t find it fully from the Gospels. Jesus talks about it there, both before and after his death, but for example baptism into Jesus was only done starting from the Pentecost, when Holy Spirit was poured over the disciples. Only after that we can see, how new disciples were made (they repented, were baptized the same day and they were filled with the Holy Spirit).

After the church we had a very nice conversation with one man from the church, who was very exciting about all the stories of going on the streets. We changed numbers and he said that he and his girlfriend will join us to go out on the streets to pray for people and tell about God. Nice!


God’s worlds is beautiful!! (A sunset from our balcony)


Our new friend, “purple hat”, and our good friend, “gray hat”

At five o’clock we went again to Ystävän kammari, for a weekly two hour get-together for refugees and foreigners. We had some nice pancakes and played some games where we had to learn some finnish words (see my wife and I on the pic). I asked some guys, if they had pain, but they didn’t at the moment. When we were all about to leave the place, our friend “gray hat” came to ask my wife: “Where’s Tim?”. She didn’t know, but someone else knew that I was in the toilet. When I came out, our friend (let’s call him Gray according to his hat) brought me a guy, who had been sitting at the same table with us (let’s call him Purple according to his hat). Purple had pain in his knees and since Gray has seen many times that people get healed when I pray he brought him. I prayed for him and asked if the pain was gone. When I prayed my wife had seen his eyebrow rising and could guess that something happened. Purple started to talk to our friend Gray in arabic and then asked in english: “Is it magic?”. I told him that it’s Jesus, who heals, and it has nothing to do with magic. He wanted me to pray again (there was still some pain) and one or two prayers more the pain was gone. We were standing in a corridor, where people where leaving and there was also others around us. Right after I prayed for Purple, I prayed for another guy, who wanted prayer for his knees. Also his knees got painfree! 😀 When I was praying, Purple was talking in arabic to Ahmed, seemingly surprised. It came out that he was still wondering/worrying, if it was magic. Gray told him to aks my wife, who was standing next to them. “You’re  sure, it’s not magic?”, Purple came to ask my wife. “No, it’s not! We believe in God and we read from the Bible, that when believers lay their hands on the sick in Jesus name, they will be healed. It’s God who healed you!”. There was still a third guy who wanted prayer for his back: After the first 3-prayers he said that it was the same, but after that it got better and the pain went away. What a great and surprising situation! 😀


We had to leave from there, and I decided to go with them to play football to a school close-by, while my wife went to an ecumenical prayer evening (that was nearly ending) at the lutheran church. In the end I didn’t play, since I didn’t have the right shoes with me, but I had nice more time with them (: My wife on the other hand,  spent some time after the prayer evening over tea and could enthusiastically testify to some christians about the great moment that had happened just some minutes before! With God, we can always have something fresh to tell! 😀

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