Tuesday 24.1.17, Sharing the Gospel

I went to my finnish course as every day. Yesterday I prayed for one man’s back and I hoped that today I could share about Gospel in a more detailed way. At the lunch break I again stayed in the class room and tried to feel, when would be a good situation to explain the Gospel to that man who was healed and his wife, but in the end they didn’t seem to be open for it. Pity. Yesterday I prayed only for his back, but I hope there still comes a day that I can his leg too (he’s limping). I know that Jesus can heal that too!

After the Finnish course one of my fellow students dropped me off by my house. I went  inside, because I wanted to sit relaxed and have some good time with my Lord. When I came in to my home, I felt that I should go to Prisma. My first reaction was: “No! This must be my own thought, not from God”, but after a while I said to myself, “Well, let’s check, if it was the Holy Spirit or not. In the end, I’m fasting so I believe I’m more tuned in to Holy Spirit”.

While I was walking, I was thinking, “What will I do in Prisma? Who’s gonna be there anyway?”. When I finally arrived I had decided, that I’ll go and buy some warm clothes to protect myself against the cold. I bought what I needed and started to walk towards the exit of the shopping mall. When I came out, there stood a gang of 2 boys and 2 girls talking with each other: I think they were around the age of 15 y. I stopped and asked them if any of them had pain. They looked at me and one of them said: “Yes and you have already prayed for me before”. I asked him if the pain had went away when I had prayed and he confirmed. He’s knees were hurting, so I asked how much it hurts from 1-10. “6” he said. “Waaw, that’s quite a lot!”, I replied. I prayed for it and after 3 prayers it was all gone. Hallelujah! 😀 I saw that they were all quietly looking at what happened so I decided to tell more. I didn’t have a jar and cups with me but I tried to show the Gospel to them (Check the Cups and cookies to see, how to effectively share the Gospel in café or at home). The basic thing is to explain the Gospel to them by starting from creation and explaining, that sin ruined our connecting to God, and that Jesus came to make it possible for us to reconnect and be baptised and get the Holy Spirit and live like Jesus.

Afterwards I gave them a TLR-card (it has gospel in short written on the other side and a link to TLR’s website, which I find to be a great resource) and told them that they should check out the movie because the same thing what they experienced today is going on around the world. They all said that they would see the movie. I also gave them my email so that they could contact me if they had questions. So, in the end, I concluded, that going to Prisma was from God and that this was “A Holy Spirit lead encounter” 😀 I could explain the Gospel with more details than ever on the streets/ in the shops and they really were listening! Great practising for me also!

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