Wednesday 25.1.17, A person got baptised with the Holy Spirit!

In the morning we went with the whole finnish class to a museum of the city of Forssa and the liberary. When we were waiting on the teachers I spoke with a friend (lets call him Amir) of mine. He was really amazed, because he had seen yesterday, that I prayed for someone in the class, who got healed. He said that he believed that God can do miracles, but it’s still something different to see it with your own eyes. I told him that it was (in a way) a pity that he had no hurt, otherwise he could feel it himself that God is alive and still heals people.

We were standing in a group and at a certain moment one of the new guys shaked hands with everyone and asked me if I still new him. He said that he had met me in Prisma and I had prayed for his back “healed him”. I strongly said: “NO, I didn’t heal you: it was Jesus!”. He laughed a bit away like, “yeah Jesus”. We were talking more and at a certain point he said to the teacher that he had a bad migraine and wanted to go home.  I asked the Amir if I could pray the migraine to go away. He said: “Euhm, you don’t have to. It’s a bad migraine”. I said that it’s no problem, because Jesus can fix everything. I prayed more than 10 times for him but the pain level just went down from 6 to 4 so no total healing. I was a bit dissapointed and didn’t understand why, he didn’t get healed. I was thinking about all kinds of reasons, why it couldn’t be healed by me: I didn’t have enough faith (though, I don’t think so, because I did like I always do. I just say: “Pain go away in Jesus name. Head, be totally healed. Thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit”)  or maybe because he didn’t want to acknowledge that Jesus had healed him and wouldn’t acknowledge it this time eater. I don’t know and I must realise that I shouldn’t start making a theology out of the times when it doesn’t happen. It would be lovely to have the answers, but that’s not how things are. Still, I always should listen more to what the Holy Spirit has to say about that person  before I pray for him. So this is a topic I’m working on.

Amir stood a bit further away and when I went to him he said that his back hurted a lot, pain level 7. I asked if I could pray (this could be his day!), but he said, “Ok” with a bit of a doubting tone. He also said that he was doubting if it would be healed. I said: “No problem. Let’s see”. So I prayed for it and the first time nothing happened, the next time it went down to painlevel 6. With the 3rd prayer it still stayed the same, and on the fourth again the same. Then the pain level was “maybe 5” and then 6 again. I slowly became a little bit desperate, because the other guy didn’t get healed (6 to 4) and it was already a long time ago since a person didn’t get a total healing. I prayed again and thanked Jesus: now the pain went down to 2! I prayed a last time and all the pain was gone. He was pretty amazed! “To be continued”, I would say: I’m waiting for the right moment to really explain the Gospel to him with the Cups and cookies -method. (I told him already that I want to explain more if he wants but he didn’t answer anything to it yet. Holy Spirit, do your work in Amir!

In the evening my wife and I went to the Pentecostal church, because there was kind of a farewell evening for the refugees with an Arabic speaker from Helsinki especially for them. We invited some of our friends in facebook (who don’t come to the church) to come too. We were happpily surprised, because there was at least 30 or 40 people there! We really weren’t thinking that so many people would come. There was also may of our friends, that we know from the Sunday evenings at Ystävän kammari. I think it was a good preaching, because a lot of questions were asked after it (we didn’t understand it, since it wasn’t interpreted back to Finnish). The only things we understood were Jesus=”Yeshua Hamashia” and New Testament =”Ingil”. Also afterwards the preacher took the time to talk more to people who still had questions.

At a certain moment Els (name changed), the pastors wife, toook me apart and told me that somebody needed prayer for his back. We went to a corridor, where we could be without disturbance. I prayed a quick prayer (Els stood behind me and was also praying) and repeted that 4 times and all the pain left. I also asked him if he had already been baptised and he said he was. I went on and asked if he had already been baptised/filled with/received the Holy Spirit. He said that he wasn’t sure if he was, at least no one had prayed for that. I asked if I could pray for it, because I believe that it’s very important. I explained, that tongues is something that God gives a believer to edify him wihtout him understanding. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to fill the guy totally from top till tow. After the prayer I asked him if he could feel something inside. He was shining and told that he felt warm inside. I was also happy and said to him that I would speak in my heavenly language and he could just speak/pray with me. He wouldn’t understand it, but it would be a prayer that the spirit would pray for him. I started to speak in tongues and encouraged my new brother to let the words out. I looked at him while I was speaking in tongues and could see that he was also speaking something. I wanted to check if it was “tongues” (and not arabic), that he was speaking, so I asked if he knew what he just said. The guy was a bit confused and said to me: “Euhm… no, but you told me…”. I quickly said: “Oh, ok. I was just testing, if you were speaking in tongues. Congratulations! Now you have it! When you go home, be sure to speak a lot in tongues, maybe when you’re in your chamber or in the garden alone. That way you get used to your language and it will become very natural to you.” My new brother looked very happy (:

The evening continued with more conversations with our friends and also with people we didn’t know yet. In the end, we went upstairs with few youth from the church for some wroship jamming 😀



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