Thursday 26.1.17, Listening to the Holy Spirit is a Full time job!

Nothing extraordinary happened at school today. It only feels a bit weird to always stay in the classroom almost alone during the lunchbreak (day 4 with the fast), but I’ll get used to it. I’m reading my bible and praying to God and in my prayers I had the feeling that God wants me to go daily to Prisma during the first week of my fast. So, when I got home from school, I headed to Prisma, befre getting too comfortable.

26-01-17The weather today wasn’t as cold as yesterday but still the day was a bit gray. I crossed the road and passed one of my refugee friends  who was walking with another refugee. I greeted them and continued walking, but just after 2 meters I thought: “Hey! I didn’t ask if they had pain!”, so I returned and said: “Hey, Can I ask one question or are you in a hurry?”. “We’re not in a hurry”, they said, so I asked, if they have any pain. The friend from my finnish course didn’t have pain, but his friend had a lot of pain in his knee. When I asked how much on a scale of 1 to 10, he said 8. “Waaw, that’s quite a lot. May I pray for it?”.  “Yes, of course!”. he said, so I prayed. First short prayer had no effect but already at the second all pain was gone! Halleluja! 😀 I gave them a card from the last reformation and told them that they should check the movie. I also gave them my contact info, so that they could send me a question when they would have one. After that they needed to go so I quickly greeted them and said goodbey.

When I went to Prisma I still asked some teens who were standing at the door, but no one had pain. When I went inside I saw a dutch guy, with whom I had gone for a coffee yesterday (He had seen from facebook through a common friend on Sunday, that I was a Belgian living in Forssa and we decided to go for a coffee. In the end I started too quickly to talk about God and that “kind of” killed the athmosphere, since he was very against christianity). But now I saw him again by coincidence. He was talking with some other guy. I went to them and said hello and asked how they were doing. We had a nice chat and finally I said goodbye to them. When I was walking home a thought came up: “Was it an accident that I met that guy again? Why did I say goodbye? They weren’t pushing me away! Oooh, I should have listened more to the Holy Spirit”. And I became to realise that living with the Holy Spirit is not a part time job, it is litterally a FULL TIME job! He wants to lead us in every situation in our lives, but we have to listen to Him. I felt a bit stupid when I came home. But that’s how we learn.

In the evening my wife had a friend visiting, so I had good time to listen to preachings and testimonies about 40 day fasts or fasting altogether. It was very encouraging to hear other people’s experiences and it gave me more strength. It’s crazy, that even unbelievers can do a 40 day water fast just for a health reason: moretheless we christians are able to do it with God! It was also good to hear a bit, what kind of reactions can happen in your body during the fast, so that I can be prepared. It’s so great that internet ables us to acces all kinds of knowledge, teachings and testimonies for free! 😀

Tomorrow is the last day from the first working week while fasting! I’m looking forward already! 😀 Holy Spirit, please use me fully! Let me grow deeper and deeper in you. Let me understand you more and more; please let me be a strong light! I’m desperate to make new disciples! Lord hear my voice!! Kiitos!


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