Friday 27.01.17, We really like refugees :D

Today several of my muslim classmates, came to know that I’m fasting. Not that I wanted it but one of my good friends Ali (name changed) who has a limping problem wanted to me to taste some of the food he had. He looked so happy to share it and it looked very delicious (some special bread from his culture) but I said: “Ooh, thank you but I can’t now, I’m fasting”. Ali didn’t really understand what I was saying so before I could prevent he asked a second nice guy, also muslim (let’s call him Mohammed) what I was saying. Mohammed new the word “fast” and explained to Ali. Mohammed asked me more questions, but when he heard that I was a Christian, he seemed to have lots of respect for me. Also the others who were not going to eat at the school restaurant (about 8 people) could hear the conversation. In one way I was a bit sad that my secret got revealed without me wanting it, on the other hand they would have more understanding for my behaviour (not eating).

When my wife came home from her internship, we decided to go together to Prisma: I wanted to go to reach people and she wanted to have a walk and enjoy the sunshine and the blue sky. Just before we got to Prisma, we saw a refugee, who comes to our church with another friend. We greeted them, and I asked if they had any pain, put they didn’t. While we were chatting with them, there came two other guys and I also asked them, if they had any pain. My wife hadn’t met them before, but I think I had (there’s so many of them and I always greet them as friends anyway :D). The shorter of them had a lot pain in his knees. The one with knee pain didn’t speak English or Finnish so well, but the taller one was very good in both finnish, english and his mother tongue. When I asked if I could pray for it it was quite difficult to understand his answer. It looked like he said, that prayer doesn’t work, but that I can pray if I want. While I was praying for him, he started to talk to my wife: it was difficult to let him concentrate on what was happening. Maybe he didn’t care so much? I prayed for three or four times, but he said that the pain was just the same, and didn’t really want more prayer. That’s the reality you will face: sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s the Holy Spirit who heals and I should be more connected with Holy Spirit. That’s something I’m praying for during my fast!! He also said something that some priests in another city had also prayed for his knee, but it hadn’t worked.  16359001_10154981208409993_111999403_nWe talked a long time with them standing outside in the sun (maybe 20 minutes). They were commenting, how crazy it is, that Finland sends people back to their countries to die. We were also talking a bit about faith. The taller guy was saying, how he really respects Christians. He also said, how we are nice people and they like us 😀 Towards the end of our conversation there was also a father and son (refugees), who we know, passing us (see the pic) and we greeted them and also took a nice picture with them. It’s so nice to live in Forssa these days: looking forward on what God still will do with us here 😀 They are closing up the refugee center in a month or so, which is such a pity! Forssa will come much more boring and gray!



Our way home from Prisma




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