Sunday 29.01.17, Our “refugee family”

In the morning we went to the Pentecostal church in Forssa and in the evening we went again to Ystävän Kammari, where there is a super nice international gathering on Sundays. I like it more and more: they really are a family to me now. It is hard to hear that most of them have to move to another city in Finland. The refugee center in Forssa is closing up, and only those few, who have gotten a positive decicion, can stay. It breaks our hearts!

I’m in black and my wife in stripes

When we were about to leave at seven,  a refugee friend came to me “Tim! Pain pain”, and he pointed to his mouth. He already knew that I have prayed for many who were healed. I prayed once and when I asked how it was he said, “the same”. So I prayed a second time and he said “Thank you, thank you” and seemed to be leaving. But I asked him, “Hey check it. How is it now?”. He tried a bit to move his jaws and started to smile and said: “Yes, it’s gone now, it’s gone!”. That was such a radiant and happy smile, that I wish we could show it to you!! 😀

It’s so nice, that now I don’t have to aks people all the time if they have pain, because people already know, and they want to come and see it them self! As always, I pointed out to him, that Jesus is the one who Heals, and he said “Yes, yes, I believe that!”. Still, I so wish, that I could really explain the Gospel to them, so that God could really touch them! A great end of the week I would say! It made my day! 😀

The first week of my 40 day water fast is now finnished and it went much better than when I fasted for 7 days some months ago. I am really thankfull! During the free times I have been reading my Bible (surely I’ll read the New Testament during my fast), praying a lot more and also watching biblestudies on the internet. Here are some links to teachings that I’ve been listening to:

The next 5 weeks will be more silent when it comes to this blog. Let’s see how it goes. I’ll try to write at least one blog post per week to tell some things that have been happening and to tell how has my fast been. This far it’s been goood!

Be strong, couragous and blessed!

Ps. If you haven’t yet heard any teachings from Torben Sondergaard, David Pawson or Francis Chan and Myles Monroe you really should check them out! Great stuff! 😀


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