Mon 30.01- Sun 05.02, A young guy who I’ve met before, has decided to be baptised!

On Tuesday a christian guy, let’s call him Ilari, contacted me. I had met him in Prisma some time ago. He had then started to read my blog and now he wrote a mail to me and said that he would like to meet up (which is the main reason why I share my contacts: to meet up with people!).  We decided to meet on Friday.

A friend from my Finnish course takes me to school with his car every day. On Wednesday he again picked me up. While we arrived to the school and stepped out of the car, I asked him, if he had slept well. He said “not so” because he had pain on his ear. I asked him if he had still some pain. He said “yes” so I asked him if I could pray for him. He answered “yes”. I prayed for him and after I asked him how it was he said, “Waaw, yeah, thank you!”. I asked him if all the pain was gone and first he didn’t know but then he said, that there might be still some little pain. I prayed again and all the pain left. Halleluja! I told him (as I have told him before) that Jesus had healed him and that he should give thanks to Jesus, not to me. I could see that he was quiet and impressed. Great! Go Jesus Go, show your power!!! Later on the day the ear pain had come back, but before we left back to my house I commanded the pain to leave again and it left.

I’m kind of tired of churches with no power, or with the amazing power but it’s only used once, twice or three times a year during an action. Come on, that’s not how Jesus wants us to use his MEGA power! No, Jesus has given us this power to show the world that he is still alive and wants to set people free, but where are “the workers” who’ll go out on the street? The fields are ready, Jesus said! Jesus is made small and fragile and without strength because of us! I believe that everyone is searching after God. Without God you know that there must be more. You can, of course, put your heart so full with all luxury etc. so that you don’t feel that question any more, but it is there. It’s just hidden onder the mammom (God of the money). We should get on our feet and start coming out of the church buildings right to the street where the people are. I don’t say that we don’t need churches any more, I just say that we don’t necessarily need those big buildings any more. You and me are the church. I am more and more positive for a gathering in houses with smaller groups of people. Going few times a month with the whole church on the street and using the power God has given us (healing the sick, casting out demons and baptising the new believers). Let’s do it! We have a wish/plan with my wife, that when we’ll move to a bigger city, likely next autumn, we would start gathering in our home. We’re looking forward to start the experience. First of all, we’ll have to read lots about what people who started house churches have learned: how has it been? What are the problems and what are the great points. Lord, let Your Kingdom come!

On Thursday night I was in a grocery shop with my wife and I asked two girls, if they had any pain but they didn’t have. One of them said: “Yeah, but I do have  relationship problems: you can pray for that, if you want”. I asked her name and asked if I could lay my hand on her shoulder when I was praying. She agreed. I prayed for the restoration of the relationships she was involved in and blessed her. They were a bit laughing (probably because they have never experienced something like this). I gave them a card with the link to TLR and told them, that they could watch a cool movie for free on that website. They said that they would check it. We wished each other good bye and I went to find my wife.

On Friday I had an appointment with Ilari. We had a nice chat and he wanted to know more about “the last reformation” and “baptism on your own faith”. I told him what I knew but especially that he should check the Pioneer School lesson about Baptism, since I find it very good (Already on the first time when I had seen him in Prisma I had said something about baptism and it had struck him, because just the day before he had been thinking about baptism). I also told him “how God wants to activate everyone and send them out into the harvesfield”. I wanted to read Lucas 10 with him. “Oh, that’s the text that I have just read today”, he said surprised. Waaw! How amazing! 😀 The Holy Spirit is really showing Ilari that God loves him and wants him to be with him and lead him. Amazing!!! Ilari wanted to get baptised, and we agreed that he’ll send me a mail when he would have time for it. I believe he’s really serious about this as the Holy Spirit has guided us to meet. Amazing how God finds people who are reaching out to him! We should really go on the streets and gather the harvest! If we do that we’re just children who are obeying their Father. Our task is to go out: Jesus will bring us the people! Look further than the church building!!


Here’s an amazing teaching that I listen to on Saturday! This will change your life if you live this out! Todd White, Be a witness for Jesus

On Sunday we visited the Free church in town, since we wanted to meet also other Christians in the city. After the church meeting, there was a young man who came to me and told that he felt that he should come to me to tell a word from God. He said that it’s of course quite a step for him to go to a stranger, but he felt strongly that he should do it. He said some uplifting and encouraging words to me: I’m happy that he had the courage to come to me! In the evening we were again at the multicultural meeting at Ystävän kammari, but nobody was sick this time. Still, it was a great time, as always, to have some fun and share life with them.

About fasting:

On Monday I could sometimes feel a bit of aching, but not much. On Tuesday it was gone, almost the whole time. On Wednesday-Friday there was nothing bad just some yearning now and then. We have to master our stomach guys! Enjoying the adventure!
I’m getting excited! This is my second week and everything is alright!

On Saturday morning I felt very week but I read the book of Romans and it gave me some power. Also I added some little bit of sugar to my tea. The greatest meaning of “a fast” is for me, to eat no food; and to add as little as possible sugar to your tea. Until now, I passed the test but I need Jesus in this, Jesus help me! ;D

Also, I have been reading two books about fasting that have been a great encouragement: The Jesus Fast from Lou Engle & Dean Briggs and Consumed -40 days of fasting, repentance and rebirth from Dean Briggs. It really helps to hear stories from people who have done it already. It helps to put everything to perspective.

Me on Saturday, listening an audio book about fasting



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