Mon 06.02.-Fri 10.02. Everytime you step out, something happens!

Being on the Finnish course makes me feeling like “student” again! After being a teacher of religion  for 7 years the roles have now been turned. This week I made up my mind, that when I enter the class room, I will always try to ask if anybody has pain, but no one has reacted so far (I could do it only 2 times this week). Anyway, I’ll go on with this, at least everybody gets to know, that they can come to me, if they have any pain.

On Thursday we had to split in groups of 4 persons at the Finnish course. We couldn’t choose our groups ourselves so. I started first by asking the group, if someone had some pain. Monica (not her real name) said she had a little bit of pain in her troath. It was not much (2 from 10), but still she could feel it. I asked her if I could pray for it and she agreed. After the first prayer I asked how it was. She answered something like: “Yes, I do believe that Jesus heals”, which wasn’t really answering my quesion. I asked if I could pray again, because it seemed like, it hadn’t worked yet. After the second prayer it totally left and everybody from the group were impressed. Hallelujah! God, you’re amazing! Even though this looked like a little thing, I believe it can be very important, because now already two persons from my class have felt the power of Jesus.

It was very difficult to speak with her because she was arabic speaker, and knew only a very little bit of English. One of her friends translated for her: she said that she also believes in Jesus and his power. In Islam Jesus is a prophet who healed people and was then taken up into the heavens, so there was nothing wrong with what I did for her. (Some muslims react like this, while others become furious when you start to heal people in Jesus name, as I have seen in Belgium). Monica was very happy and told about it to her friends: Halleluja! Let’s see how God will still use this. I believe this can be a start for something. God, make me ready to see more of your works; please use me; here I am, and I want to be used!!

perjan-10-02-17On Friday I asked if my friend (who picks me up every day to school) could drop me off at Prisma after school. That was no problem for him. When we were at prisma I thanked him and wished him a good weekend (“Hyvää viikonloppua”). I went in and prayed in my mind that Lord would lead my ways. I asked some people if they had pain, but no one had. I already know, that at such moments you just have to press on and go on with asking. It’s very nice when you smetimes find immediately the right person but that’s quite exceptional. I think you can see it as the toil of being a harvester.

So I asked around 7 people, and also one group of youngsters, but no one had pain. Then I asked a young woman who stood next to me: “Sorry, Can I ask you a question?”, “Yes”, she answered. I said to her that it might sound a bit weird and then asked: “Are you having some pain somewhere?”. I asked it with a smile on my face, as alwasy, but she was a bit shocked by my question and just walked away. “What a pity”, I thougth: “People would be able to receive healing in Jesus name, but as soon as the name Jesus is mentioned many of them just walk away!”. So I went on to look around, who I should ask next, but didn’t feel immediately compelled to someone. After some time the same woman came back to me and asked: “Why did you ask that question?”. I told her that I would have explained but since she walked away I didn’t have the chance to do it. I told her what I was doing (praying for sick) and why (Jesus can heal and I want to show that he’s real etc.). She told that my question was a total surprise for her since she had had neck pain for 2 or more weeks (I don’t remember exactly) and took medication for it.  I asked her if I could pray for her which she agreed on. Then I asked her if I could lay may hands on her neck but she refused. And here is where the Holy Spirit comes in! The previous evening (Thursday night) I had looked to some testimonies (while my wife was eating) and I found a new testimony from my brother Dough Collins. He is really on fire for God and even though I don’t know him and have never seen him I just love that guy. I think it’s because we share the same heart! This is what makes us family! I encourage you to check that testimony yourself: it’s again amazing! I learned from him that you don’t necessarily have to put your hands on the spot but you can just point with your finger or hand to the place that needs healing. So I decided to have my hand 30 cm away from her neck and commanded all pain to leave. I thanked the Holy Spirit and asked her if she felt something. She looked a bit perplexed and said, “Yeah! This is strange!”. I asked her if all the pain was gone but she didn’t know. If people don’t know I never take that as a “yes” even though they might be so surprised of the healing that they first need to realise themselves that they were just healed. I said: “So the pain level was before 4 (not so much because she was on medication) and you could feel it very well. How much would it be now?”. She wasn’t so sure, but said that the pain was maybe 2/10. So I prayed again and asked again, how it feels. “Maybe a one now”, she said. So I prayed one more time and all pain left! Again she said that this was weird. I asked her if she could feel anything happening. She told me: “Yes, it’s like something goes through my neck”. I said that it was the Holy Spirit healing her. Here would have been a good point to tell her how much Jesus loved her that he even send his son to die for her on the cross but I was a bit “too” overjoyed to think straight (this was the first healing with pointing, thanks Dough!). I gave a TLR-card and said she should check the movie to see what God is doing all over the world. She said that she would surely watch it. “This is weird”, she said once more and walked slowly away.

I could see that she wanted to be alone to think about what just happened so I let her go. Then I did some little shopping (cinnamon for tea and water) and went to the exit. Outside I spoke with a 45-year old woman who was a Jehovah witness. She was surprisingly “shocked” that I told her about Jesus. I asked her if she also believed in Jesus and she said “Yes, I’m a Jehovah witness”. “Aah, ok”, I said, “then we can exchange cards, I know you must have them somewhere”. She looked very happy now and started to look for them but couldn’t find them so she told me which website I should check. “I’ll check it (and I did), but you’ll have to promise me that you’ll check the website that I’ll give you with a documentary! She agreed. We both smiled at each other and I blessed her in Jesus name. Happily we both went our ways.

Finland can be so beautiful when it’s winter! In Belgium we very rarely see white snow. At least not for longer than some days. Because it stays so cold here (Thursday was actually -17 degrees) the snow almost starts to become like white sand. Beautiful I must say!


When I was almost home I saw an older woman and asked her the same questions in Finnish. She spoke back in Finnish and I could understand that she had pain in her knees. When I asked her if I could pray she agreed. I quickly prayed for her and she said very happily: “Kiitos, kiitos! Hyvää viikonloppua”. (Thank you, have a great weekend). I was first of all happy that I had a conversation with a Finnish old lady and secondly that (I guess) she was healed. Halleluja! What a nice day! 😀



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