Mon 13.02-Wed 15.02.17 Holy Spirit is working in me

Again my friend was kind to take me to Prisma after our Finnish lessons had ended. As always, I go there to look if I can pray for some people. Today I also needed to buy a new ginger root to spice up my tea. When I had bought it I saw a “older” lady (around 60y) bending down on her shopping trolley on the corridor. It looked like she couldn’t walk straight so I asked her in Finnish if she had any pain. She explained in English that she did had pain in her back but it wouldn’t go away because of … I said that I believe that every pain can go away when we ask God. She said she didn’t believed in miracles but when I asked her if I could pray for it she agreed. I quickly prayed for it and I asked her if she could check it out. She tried but said that it was still the same. I prayed again but when I asked if she could check it she started to talk about her unbelief and many other things. I thought; “Ok, just give her some of your time to listen because this is also a way to show love!”. I have been learning lately, that if a person is interested in talking, even if there’s no clear healing or any healing what so ever, then we can just drop the healing part and have a conversation about Jesus and faith or just listen to their thoughts and fears.

We were standing on other people’s way, so we decided to sit down on a bench. She started to tell, that she couldn’t believe in God, because there is so much pain in the world. I explained her how God created the wold in the beginning and gave Adam and Eve free will. They sinned and that broke the connection between man and God but God had a solution. He sent his son to die for us. “You know, God loves you so much that he sent his son to be crucified just for you and me (and the others too of course). That’s Gods amazing love for you! And he wants you to know him cause his love for you won’t rescue you: you still need to make a decision yourself. She listened very  carefully and I could give her a TLR-card and a card with my contact info, so that she could mail me after seeing the movie if she had any questions, or whatever the case. I asked her if she would want to know God better but she didn’t know. I still asked her if I could pray for her and she said I could. I prayed for her (when I pray for people I always keep my eyes open cause I want to see what’s happening around me, God hears me and I am focussed, that’s what counts!) We both were happy and said goodbye in a good state of mind. Nice!

When I was almost home I saw someone standing at his car, together with his family, I guess. He had crutches so I went to him and asked him what had happened and if he had pain. He didn’t have pain but I do could pray for him. He didn’t want to check it out but said that he would know tomorrow if something had happened because he had to go to a doctor, or something like that. I prayed still a last time and said to him that he could know that Jesus had healed him if tomorrow the doctor would say that he was totally healed! He said “yes”. I liked the conversation because he really seemed to take it serious and wasn’t mocking or awckward like many others. Such a nice day!

When I came home from school on Tuesday I first read some pages from a new book I bought: The insanity of obedience, Nik Ripken.  It’s an amazing book, for a bit less than € 4. A real sale! Ripken writes about Jesus: He called them close, and then He sent them out. Consistently, this invitation to walk closely with Jesus is linked with the command to go out with Jesus. In fact, it becomes clear that an intimate relationship with Jesus necessarily leads to a life of ministry and service and mission for all believers. God is a sending God. Repeatedly, He draws people close and then He sends them out. In the gospels, we encounter this same pattern over and over again.” When I read this it made me think: “How many sermons in church actually are about “going out and making disciples”? It would be good if there would be some more teaching about that topic, but it looks like that topic is kind of avoided (maybe cause people feel uncomfortable hearing they should “go out”). In the four gospels we can see Jesus highlighting the importance of “going and being fruitful”. (Matt. 10:16-33, Matt. 28:19, Marc 3:14-15, Marc 4:1-20, Marc 16:15-19, Luke 10: 1-20, Luke 12:41-48, Luke 22:35-36, Luke 24:47, John 4:31-38, John 15:1-17). Those are just the most obvious for me. I’m sure you can find more!

Reading those encouraging words from Nik Ripken made me decide to go out also today. When I went to Prisma and was thinking what I should say to people, it just came to like  new revelation to me (even though I have now been going out for about four months). It came to my mind that I’ll just ask them if they have pain and if not I’ll ask them if they know why I asked such a “strange” question. Afterwards I can say that “I’m a believer and that Jesus says in the Bible that his disciples/followers should go out, heal the people, cast out demons, and preach the gospel (Luke 10 & Matt. 28). So this is why I ask you this question. I’m doing this for about four months and lots of people have been healed by Jesus, so if you’re hurting, this is your chance to check if it’s true. You don’t have to believe yourself, you can just check it, it won’t harm you”.

I asked few people at Prisma: some were nice towards me when I asked if they had pain, others said that they had no pain but knew already why I was asking this, others were looking very strange and just walked away. Then I met a Christian man I had already prayed for 2 times before and he had gotten healed on both of those times. Last time he also told me, that his children who I had prayed for on our first meeting had become more quiet and peaceful. Our God is amazing! 😀 I asked him again if he had some pain and he said he had in his throat, so I put my hands close to his throat and commanded all pain to leave. Slowly it went away, from pain level 6 to pain level 0 with four prayers. He was doing his grocery shopping with his wife and child so I decided to let them go on. We said goodbye and off I went searching for other people to talk about Jesus and heal them in Jesus name, if they would have some kind of pain or sickness. Hallelujah, I felt quite good!

Then I met a young couple (I guess around 19-24) and the girl said to me that she had some pain in her throat. They looked at me with a bit of a weird facial expression when I asked if I could pray for it but the girl said: “Yeah, why not!”, so I put my hands before her throat (also throat ache). And commanded the pain to leave (pain level 3). After the first prayer I asked her if she could check it, which she did. I asked her is she still could feel some pain and what the pain level would be. She looked at me a bit confused and said: “Yeah, I think it’s gone…”. I said: “Really?”. “Yes”, she said, “I think it’s gone”. (I was thinking, “Great! Glory Jesus!”) I gave her my contact info and said to her and her boyfriend that they should really watch the movie on TLR website . (I gave them a TLR-card). They looked very happy and we both went on with our shopping. What a nice encounter!


I went on and saw a girl who is also studying Finnish at the same school as me. She’s not at the same level as me, because she has lived much longer in Finland and can understand most of the Finnish language. She had told me last time she saw me that I met her husband in the international church in Hämeenlinna. Now I met them together: how nice!

When I almost went out of the shop I saw another girl standing a bit on her own so I went to her and asked her if she had any pain. While we were talking I could see that there came a security guard from Prisma towards us. The girl didn’t had any pain and didn’t look interested at all but I wanted to explain why I was asking her because I don’t want people to think that I believe that I’m someone with special powers! No, not at all! So I always tell them that I believe that Jesus can heal the sick and has commanded all believers to go out and do that. so I did. After the girl seemed not to have any interest to talk a bit more I said goodbye and walked towards the cashier area, but the guard of Prisma looked to me and showed that I had to come to her. “What are you doing???”, she asked. I explained her a bit and she said in her best English: “No! You can’t do this here!  People don’t like this. You have to do that somewhere out of Prisma!”. I said “ok” and left”. I went to the exit but as she was walking next to me I  asked her if she maybe had some pain. She didn’t answer so I asked her again. She nodded her head and walked already out of the shop. I was thinking: “Tim, this was maybe a bit too much… but yeah, maybe she was afraid after the first time to admit ‘yes, I actually do have some pain’, because some people are like that”. My second time could have convinced her to say it out loud. Maybe the second time wasn’t needed but anyway, I’m a disciple, so I’m an apprentice of Jesus, my master. I know I just need to  be more tuned to the Holy Spirit, and that’s also one of my reasons why I’m fasting. I went out rejoicing cause this is what Bible teaches.

I’ll share some text from the new book:

“Jesus said plainly that He was sending His followers out “like sheep among wolves” (Matt. 10:16). Then He told them even more. He told them that they would be handed over to the local councils, flogged in the synagogues, and brought before governors and kings as witnesses. He told them that they would be arrested, betrayed, and hated (vv. 17-22). In a word, His followers would be persecuted (v23). Jesus made it clear that this impending persecution was not merely a possibility; for those who would obey Hem, persecution is a certainty.” -Nik Ripken

On wednesday I was sitting with a few students in the classroom during the lunchbreak. One of them was the woman who was in my small group last week and was healed  by the Holy Spirit. I went to her and asked: “Hey, how are you? Do you have any pain?” She said that she had some pain in her throat but not much, maybe 3/10. I asked if I could pray and she said “yes”. I put my hand close to her troath and said “I command all pain to leave now” and asked her to check it and tell me how it was. She said: “No pain anymore”, I told her that Jesus had given his life also for her. She nodded but then started to talk in Arabic to another classmate in Arabic. I didn’t want to intervene because she knew already what I would say. I believe Jesus will just continue with showing her more and more that He is the only and One Lord! Hallelujah.

When I came home I could’ve gone to 2 shops close by (other than Prisma) but I had the feeling that the Holy Spirit told me that God wants go keep me close these last 2.5 weeks of my fast, so I stayed home.








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