Sat-Sun 18.-19.02.17, Our brothers in Christ from Afghanistan

On Saturday there was a Christian concert in our church by Ida Bois where we went with few of our friends who were visiting us. My wife had also gotten a message from the pastor couple of the church that there was a lot of Afghanistan Christians visiting from other cities. They had a two day seminar at the church to learn more about Bible and to have fellowship with each other. Some of them had to flee their country, because they had become Christians, most of them have come to faith here in Finland and have been bullied by muslim refugees.

We went to the concert of Ida Bois and I must say that the music and the testimony of her father was really good. Towards the end of the concert I talked to a guy from Afganistan, who was sitting close to me: I asked if he needed prayer (he seemed to be praying) and he told that he had headache. I prayed for him two times and the pain left! After the concert I went to talk with the refugees (around 15 men). I knew that they were sincere disciples so I asked them if there was anybody who didn’t yet speak in tongues and wanted it to have it. One guy raised his hand. I asked if I could pray for him and said that he first needed to repeat after me and then I would start speaking in tongues. I told him that he should speak together with me in a language from heaven. He just needed to trust that God would give him the right words when he would speak them. “Holy Spirit, this young man wants to speak in tongues. Fill him up and baptise him now with the Holy Spirit!” I prayed, and continued to pray in tongues. It didn’t take long before the guy was speaking in tongues together with me.

saterday-18-02-17I also asked the other Afghanistan refugees if anybody had pain. There was a guy who had pain in his stomach. After giving two short commands the pain completely left. Glory to God! I also prayed for a guy with problems with his knees. It took several prayers and than all his pain was gone. We all rejoiced and clapped for Jesus 😀 My wife was talking with a Finnish girl, who asked if I could pray that she could have more Joy of the Lord: on Sunday she texted my wife and told, that it really had worked and that she’s so happy and joyful now a days!

We spend some more time with them in the basement. We were talking and having a great time and later they were all dancing on Afghanistan music. Quite a different genre than we are used to!

On Sunday we could hear one example of what it exactly had meant for one of them to follow Jesus: When he was still living in Afganistan his family got to know, that he had become a follower of Jesus. They were angry and upset and his brother attacked him with a knife. They took him to a hospital to recover. The next morning his sister visited him and gave him money to flee the country. He fled to another muslim country to stay with far away relatives, but when they heard that he had become a Christian, they kicked him out. He got attacked by a knife another time, this time by a muslim refugee in a park. He also got a call from his sister, that his father disinherited him. He told that he’s fine with it and he hasn’t heard anything from his family after that. When he arrived to Finland, he was bullied by the other 600 muslim refugees in his refugee center. None of these hardships and dangers have made him to give up his faith. It’s so incredible to us Western Christians to hear the real worth of the Gospel. Who in the Western countries would convert to Christianity, when it means that you can’t mary another Western girl anymore, (Muslim families don’t give their girl away to a guy who has converted to Christianity), your family disowns you or even tries to kill you and now that you converted anybody can lawfully kill you at anytime? Only a person who has found the Truth and a New Life in Jesus Christ will have the courage to do this! It was awesome to hear that in spite of all, they embraced Jesus because they had found that He could give them life! It’s touching and refreshing to hear those stories in a Western world were people are falling away from faith.

After the service we talked with people. One women had the flew and I could pray for it, but she felt the same afterwards. (Praying for church goers has quite often, less positive results than non believers or new believers). We spent some more time with the refugees and wished blessings for each other. They also prayed for my wife and I before we left (they continued the seminary with Bible teachings).


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