The fast is over

On saterday 04.03.17 I ended my fast succesfully: glory to God who lead me through my first 40-day fast!! It was … a great experience that I would recommend for everyone who is desperate for more of God and doesn’t know how to obtain “more”. I have heard several times in my life that “when you’re not ok with how your life is going, and you want to change (the routine in life)  you should do something that you’ve never done before”. Based on those words, and the encouragements of God and company of friends who decided to start the 40 day fast with me, I decided to start my first 40 day water fast on 23 of Januari. It was very important, that I came across with many testimonies on internet of people who had already done a 40 day fast. As a teenager I had thought that fasting for 40 days is impossible if your name isn’t Jesus, Moses or Elia” 🙂

Some people might think, “but why did you fast 40 days, I don’t understand!”
Well, I always have said to people that “Jesus, is my everything”. So that would mean that if I wanted to see God working at a maximum capacity in my life I should give the maximum. A forty day fast is extreme I would say, fasting more than 40 days is even unhealthy for body and not wise (at least, if God doesn’t lead you to do it). I was determined to do a 40 day fast cause I wanted to see God at work in everything in my life. And I must say that my attitude as a long distance runner really did help me (having the mentality, “If I don’t fall dead it means I can still go on!”)! I have shared some of my fasting journey with you, not to boast, but to encourage you all! I know, that fasting is something that Bible tells us to do privately. With a long fast like this, I couldn’t keep it a secret from the people in my every day life, like my classmates. I hope that my journey can bless you. I encourage you, to think about fasting and pray about it: it can be one meal, one day, or few days. Fasting doesn’t change God’s heart towards us, it changes our heart towards God. So now after these 40-days I can share about my feelings: Let’s start with some positive notes, cause there are some!



  1. It is not so impossible as you think it would be!
  2. You won’t die by refusing your body to take in food for 40 days (it is even scientifically proven that it is actually very healthy for your body!).
  3. The step to start with a forty day fast is much harder than beginning with it.
  4. Preparation is very important, if you’re a coffee drinker like I am, stop with drinking coffee at least 3-days ahead of your fast and stop with eating meat at least 2-days ahead.
  5. At certain moments during the fast you will be surprised how easy it is.
  6. You will have great times with God at certain moments, you’ll have lots of free time now. Buy some new Christian books on fasting or other subjects that you’re interested in.



  1. Eating is a nice social activity that you will miss… try to, for as much as you can, start with your 40 day fast at a time when there’s not (every day) a big celebration. This will help you!
  2. At times you really will YEARN after food but hold on, set your toughts on other things than food. Think on God who is much more than food and think on Jesus who gave his life for you, is He not worthy to go just 40 days without … food? He bore our sins ON A CROSS!
  3. The better you’re prepared the easier it will be! (see point 4 from positive notes)
  4. When your almost at the end you will have the feeling that the victory is made… press on, you’re almost there but not yet!


Has something big changed?

  1. My heart has been changing a lot: I can tell that I’ve always been in love with Jesus but never like this! I get up with Him, I go around with Him and I go to sleep with Jesus. It feels amazing! I’m totally consumed with His Kingdom!
  2. During my first week of my fast one guy who I met in Prisma contacted me with the request to have a talk with me… it came out that he wanted to be baptised! Hallelujah!:D
  3. In May my school will end so one of my requests to God was that I wanted to go to another country to spread the gospel. Of course accompanied with healings, casting out demons and baptisms… = bearing fruit! So I asked God if He could open a door for me. And at the end of my fast one missionary spoke with me through Wattsapp. He spoke about his evangelising work in Ghent, my home city, and told me about his mission trips and even invited me to come with him next time he would go. I was amazed! Thank you JESUS!!!

Next week I will start going out again and will start with sharing what God does through every believer who just wants to obey Jesus’ method of “making disciples”. If you want to know what Jesus said about that, just read Luke 10! Be blessed!!! ~siunausta~

My last yoghurt before the fast.

My first “meal” after the 40-day fast 🙂

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